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How to delete a pending update, that is downloaded but not yet installed?

  • I recently reinstalled Opera 12.15. As usual I ran through my list of config changes to get it the way I like. Unfortunately, 'turning off auto-updates' is at the end of that list, and in the meantime Opera had downloaded an update. I don't want to apply it. But despite now having everything to do with updates disabled, at startup Opera always pops up this "can i apply the update now?" question:

    There's no way to tell it 'no, throw it away, never ask again.'

    My question is, where is the downloaded update file stored, and how do I wipe that and any other state Opera keeps related to there being an update to apply?

    Last resort is to just uninstall Opera and reinstall, but this time disable updates first. But I'd like to know where the update file is saved, since I've had a look and can't find it. For future reference.

    I don't want to apply it because:

    1. I use the Classic skin, and in the past I've had bad experiences with updates breaking that.

    2. I never allow updates on my main work machine, that I haven't tried on sacrificial machines first.

    3. You're switching to Google Chrome-based code, so now I can't trust newer Opera versions.

    PS. It's extremely unlikely I'll ever use a browser based on code from Google. Have always had a bad feeling about google's ambitions, and the G+/Youtube saga totally confirms they are not to be trusted,
    and deserve only no-compromise boycott.
    It was a sad day when Opera chose to be Borged. I wish I knew the reasoning behind that choice.

  • If you open your operaprefs.ini file (should be in your profile folder) you will find a section called [Auto Update].
    Try changing Auto Update State=0 if it's 1, that will probably stop Opera trying to apply the update.
    Do this with Opera closed of course.
    The actual update file is probably in your Windows temporary folder ( \Temp in your user folder) but might be in an Opera temporary downloads folder.

  • Thanks. However I had already completely disabled updating. All of these:

    Tools:Preferences:Advanced:Security:autoupdate = Do not check for updates

    Kill it with fire:
    C:\Util\NET\OPERA\updatechecker\opera_autoupdate.exe rename to x_opera_autoupdate.exe

    about:config search for 'update'

    Autoupdate Geo Server =   Clear it.
    Autoupdate Server     =       Clear it.
    Disable Opera Package AutoUpdate    tick it.

    But too late, it already had the update file and really, really wanted to apply it.

    Anyway, I found the culprit just now, by looking through the Registry. This:



    Ah ha! Here it is: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\CUtilNETOPERA
    Goodness me, there's a virtually entire copy of Opera in there. I suppose it's used to have a running browser while patching the real copy.

    Key update files being:

    autoupdate.txt Urgh! This file is unicode-16, with 0x0A linebreaks.



    Opera-12.16-1860.i386.autoupdate.exe size 12,848 KB the actual update file

    I just renamed the whole folder CUtilNETOPERA to something else. Problem solved, browser works fine, no more popup nagging.
    Opera didn't try to create a new copy, I guess since it's been told not to try asking for updates.
    If I want to do the update for some reason I could rename it back.
    Though in general I'd download the full new version 12.16, archive it, and install it.

  • What I ended up doing - after reinstalling 12.14 due to some strange glitches in my x86 install of 12.16 - was to hit the "update" button, then cancel it immediately. Not the most optimal solution, but it worked. It would have been nice for an option to cancel the update, but I suppose it's a moot point at this stage, since we'll not see any more Presto versions forthcoming.

  • @terrahertz
    Glad you sorted it!

  • For anyone else who has the same need to remove a pending update, there's one detail I omitted. That path:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\CUtilNETOPERA

    containing the temporary copy of all the browser files and downloaded update file, will have a different name on your machine. The "CUtilNETOPERA" part is constructed from the path of the Opera install, which on my machine is: C:\Util\NET\OPERA

    On your machine it will be a concatenation of your Opera install path.
    Also, obviously the 'Administrator' part will be your username.