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Not showing saved passwords (Profile and login data file migration)

  • Greetings all,

    I recently noticed that Opera is not showing my saved passwords anymore. Especially after a complete macOS fresh install. I migrated my previous "com.operasoftware.Opera" folder in its entirety to my new fresh install. Everything seems fine. But it still asked for me to login to every website that required it. However, it no longer shows my saved passwords in the Password Manager. Even if I re-enter my login information on any website, it still doesn't show up in the list. Its completely empty. If anyone knows a workaround to getting the list to work again, please advise.

    Also, if anyone knows how to properly migrate your Opera profile complete with password data (without synchronization), please enlighten me.

    I figured Firefox can do it, so can Opera.


    macOS Sierra 10.12.4

  • Do you have automatic sign-in checked for your passwords?

  • Automatic sign-in is checked.

    The problem occurs with the following:

    1. Backup entire "com.operasoftware.Opera" profile folder.

    2. macOS fresh install (format hard drive).

    3. Install latest version of Opera (download from website).

    4. Replace "com.operasoftware.Opera" folder with my backup. (after initial first run of Opera).

    All logins no longer work and no passwords are filled in. The password list is empty as well.
    However, if I re-login with my passwords, it "does" actually store the logins, but the list on the password manager is empty. Making it useless to retrieve passwords if needed.

    I think it has something to do with the way Opera interacts with Apple's keychain Access App. I noticed the same thing happens if I delete the "Opera Safe Storage" keychain. The data is still there, but not functional or visible by Opera.

    Hopefully someone else has run into this and solved it.



  • In Opera Blink Passwords just work in the same machine/user.

    After a format they will not work, you should use OSync or export/import them (in Opera://Flags).