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  • Skype would be a nice addition too.

    This a request for another topic.

  • Hangout extension is a must.

  • Are hangouts the same as doorhangers? Why does messaging have to be built in? Could there not be extensions for that?

  • Agree with original poster. Hangouts on the sidebar would complete Opera for me.
    Hangouts is the only reason why I still have Chrome on my PC.

  • I don't understand why is not implemented yet, even being Google the default search engine...
    Don't know if Telegram has more users than Google HangOuts...

  • Please add this!

  • I agree with OP! I know people who don't have facebook (including me) but don't know anyone who doesn't have gmail, just everyone have it, that is a power of this IM! Gmail/Hangout is major IM with my friends and amazing integration on android devices (light, low battery usage). But support for desktops especially linux users is disaster, hangout's web site even don't have mobile version and not even mention about APM standard which google is trying to promote (shame!). That is probably why Opera is not adding Hangout because Telegram, Whatsup and FB Messenger is based on mobile version of website and Hangout doesn't have one. I have to use Hangout as pinned tabsheet, the problem is that even website icon is not changing on new message. Beside that, in April, google closed public hangout API for third party apps. Shame you google, shame... Underestimation of Hangout potential. I hope that such player like Opera Software can force something on google corporation

  • I have a suggestion for additional functionality for the new Sidebar feature:

    In addition to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram, can you also add Google Hangouts? I believe many people use Hangouts for texting (via Google Voice) and it would be nice to also have that available as a quick shortcut.

    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

  • I don't own any of messengers that are now in opera, so it would be great that in sidebar were other messengers like hangouts

  • I agree, it would be quite practical, much better then the chrome app actually, which opens a new window, and very neat since I personally know many more people using hangouts rather than telegram

  • I think this is issue and other messenger apps issues are resolved when we get the rumored upcoming OneSidebar update... hmmm.

  • I really use Hangouts a lot and its bugging me to need an extra window for it. Can you please add it to the sidebar like FB Messanger and Whatsapp!

  • Please! I'll also like to have Hangouts on the Sidebar... I think this was asked since the Sidebar was release and there has not been done, not even a official statement about this from Opera... That's really bad.

  • I agree.

    Hard to ask because it's adding the competition but it would be super nice.

  • It would be nice to be able to use my hangouts chats in my sidebar! It would save me an open tab and a lot of ram ❤

  • Although this has been posted a year ago, I went to the trouble of signing up just so i can agree.

    I just tried opera for some reason and i find the sidebar quite useful and as a hangout user, adding it on the sidebar in addition to other sidebar functionalities (e.g. facebook messenger, whatsapp, etc.) will be great.

  • @silvergreen93 I created an account just to agree with the original poster.

  • I too desire hangouts to be on the sidebar. It would be great. Please add hangouts just like whatsapp and fb messenger.

  • This post is deleted!
  • This post is deleted!