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Opera_44.0.2510.857 crashing

  • I didn't know there was more feedback. I didn't get notified. Oh well. Using Opera for Mac, the tabbing feature is the only thing that causes a crash for me (as far as I can tell so far).

    Amaralflavio, I tested what you said, and I tried downloading a file while signed in to Opera, and I didn't face any issue for myself. Could it be that the type of download is what caused a crash?

  • bleduc1, In my case, this is the problem that I am having, it does not always happen, when I want to download an image the first time it may not crash, but if i download another opera crashes, happens when uploading any kind of file, downloads of any kind as well as screenshots. Yesterday I noticed that if I do not synchronize my account none of this happens. And I've also tried the other versions of Opera beta and developer the same happens.

  • That's strange. Do the uploads always trigger a crash, or do they happen randomly like downloads? And so I can test this as well, where do you upload from?

  • Happens the same in the uploads as in the downloads, and the first time crashes and second doesn't, and the website also makes no difference, as in facebook, slack etc, any type of upload

  • Hmm...I wonder why this varies through different Opera installations, because I'm not experiencing this.

  • Today I noticed that Opera only crashes when I'm in full-screen

  • I didn't get a crash, but I noticed when I come out of Full Screen mode, the icons and address bar all shift to the right.

  • @ForAllWithProblems

    Test with a Clean Profile, steps for Mac.

    (There are info in many posts so read the whole discussion may be needed)


    Have installed the newest Opera browser on my iphone and two dift mac all running the latest OS, and each time I sign in to sync my Opera account, the sync crashes and I get the same sign in screen. Ad infinitum. What's going on Opera?

    This is Opera Mac's Desktop Forum, If your question it's about iPhone, just search or Post in Opera Mini / Coast.

    Meanwhile, try to reinstall.

    If desktop, just try with the above @ForAllWithProblems test.

  • I created another user account on the mac, logged into the account, installed 44.0.2510.857 in that account and Opera still crashes on startup.

  • I created another user account on the mac, logged into the account, installed 44.0.2510.857 in that account and Opera still crashes on startup.

    It's another way to create a clean profile :lol:

    Now I don't know how to continue... I could try cCleaner or similar app, or fix the disk permissions.

    It's there any event viewer?

    It's the rest of the system working fine?

  • The rest of the system works fine. Unfortunately I cannot upgrade the OS any further due to the age of the Mac so I will stick with the version of Opera I am using.

  • Me too. MacBookPro OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, Opera 44.0.2510.857. The crashing is definitely related to opening links in new tabs. In my experience when you Ctrl+Click and Open In New Tab it doesn't crash until you actually go to the new tab. Happens pretty much every time for me. Only since the version 44 upgrade.
    Surely the admins have seen hundreds of crash reports sent in - is there any comment from one of the developers?

  • April 5th and I'm having the same issue. Control-Click to open a link in a new tab, watch it load, go to click on it and... Opera crashes.

    I've got a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015), with Sierra.

    Ironically, I went to the About page for Opera to see what version I was running and it downloaded an update. Now it's running Version 44.0.2510.1159, and the crashing... still persists.

    I ran a test before and and after the update and recorded it both times, if anyone wants links I can upload them to YouTube. I'm going to try a full restart of my computer as a third test, I'll report back in when I'm done.

  • Hello again,
    I have a strange update to add. I no longer face a crash when I open links in new tabs. I'm not sure why it's not acting up any anymore. I already sent a bug report on this too.

  • Sorry for the double post, but I just figured something out, and I think I made a mistake in the bug report I sent. I connected a mouse, and I am not facing this issue when I open links in new tabs now. If I use a stylus pen (Ugee 2150) to open a tab, I do face a crash. I previously assumed a mouse would do the same, but I'm seeing it doesn't. I'll make sure I test everything fully next time.

    For anyone else who is facing this issue, are you using a tablet device of any kind?

  • How do I download 43.0.2442.1165 ? I can't find it at - nothing newer than 2013?!?

  • Following up on my last post (which is awaiting approval):

    Opening the 'here' link at in a new tab and clicking on the new tab reliably crashes Opera, including 44.0.2510.1159, which I just updated to.

  • More or less the same issue here. The crash happens when I click on the new tab. I installed Opera for the first time in years three days or so ago and it's crashed about 20 times since then.
    Opera 44.0.2510.857 like the OP - horribly unstable.
    Why is there no entry for Opera 44.0.2510.857 at ?

    Trying the latest / next version I was just notified of - .1159; will go back like OP if that doesn't work. (Oh, it's what I'm running now, thanks to auto-update...

    Sierra 10.12.4 Beta (16E175b) on

  • I just updated to 44.0.2510.1159 and the issue is fixed on my Mac.

  • I noticed that Opera installed in
    /Applications/Opera (1).app/ while
    /Applications/ is a version from 2007.

    Is it common for Opera to install that way or is that likely the issue?