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  • I have Android 4.4.2 on my Samsung Galaxy S4.

    After I've updated my apps via playstore (first time in maybe a year or two) I got a lot of problem with Opera browser. Opera stops very often. The message is "Opera stops", and the browser must be shut down.

    This was not a problem before I did the update via playstore.

    The problem is so anoying that I'm thinking of trying another browser, for the first time. I've always been using Opera browser on my mobile phone.

  • You may use Sync and make a copy of profile folder (some data it's no synced but maybe could be imported from a bckp), ES File Explorer (has Root) needed, or any other file explorer capable to access system files.

    Then Uninstall, clean, install Opera again.

    I've read a thread about SD downloads crashes Opera, do you have your installation in the device or it's in the SD?
    Maybe has something related.

  • Seems to be related with memory management or fonts. I didn't see this problem since Opera 18, cache deletion was a good try at that time.

  • zalex108

    Sorry for asking, but what is SD downloads?

    I tried to delete Opera browser and cleaned everything and installed it once again, but still Opera browser is freezing or stops now and then.

  • zalex108
    Sorry for asking, but what is SD downloads?
    I tried to delete Opera browser and cleaned everything and installed it once again, but still Opera browser is freezing or stops now and then.

    In a phone I mean SD as "SD Card".

    Did you delete the Opera foldert too?

  • It's a Samsung mobile phone.
    And when I deleted the Opera app I guess everything about Opera was deleted or.....? There isn't any folders on my phone or is something I'm missing here?

    I have no extra SD Card in my phone, other than what was in my phone when I bought it.

  • I don't know what happens in android when you delete an app, so use ES File Explorer and search for Opera, if something appears, delete it.

  • same problem here on s6 and galaxy tab A. I tried to delete and reinstall didn't worked. switched back to version 36, and it doesn't crash. Since the new UI versions opera was almost always unusable. As example, browsing reddit, will crash about every 10 posts. really sad opera devs don't address the issues since the new UI..

  • I also think this is something about the new UI on Opera browser.

    Now I have installed Dolphin browser on my Samsung phone and it is more stabile and faster than Opera.

  • Same Problem here with bq aquaris x5 plus and Android 7. Since Version 42.4.2246.113571 Opera crashes every few minutes. Even the beta Version of Opera crashes regularly.

    42.3.2246.113338 is fine, but I really don't like the changes in UI (every websearch opens a new tab that has to closed later). In latest "stable" Version 42.7.2246.114996 my issues in the UI got fixed but it crashes about every 3 minutes while browsing.

    By the way: Loading (buffering?) videos takes up to 30 seconds depending on the length of the video. But I don't know since which version this problem appeared.

  • Even my friend with brand new Huawei p9 plus is telling me, Opera crashes constantly.
    If you look through the commentaries on playstore, you will notice, we are by far not the only users having problems. Seems to be a big issue and I feel left alone by Opera. I really want to stay true on Opera, but it can't go on like that.

  • I'm not giving up on Opera: Actually testing the newest beta 42.8.2246.117348. I like the UI, it's fast, nothing to complain about. And then "boom!". Again. Crashing. Every few websites I load with my phone.
    Any possibility to talk to Opera. I'm giving feedback in Playstore, am using this official Opera forum, am sending feedback with the in browser built in contact solution - any reaction at all. That's how you loose customers.

  • I have experienced crashes for the past 2-3 weeks. Battery Notifier Pro crashes at the same time.

    I'm not certain the cause is Opera or BN Pro, but for the last week or so, I would be browsing the web (Amazon, YouTube, others) when Opera would close -- along with BN Pro.

    Device: victara ("MSM8974")
    Brand: motorola
    OS: Android 6.0
    Build: MPES24.49-18-7
    Hash: 938757760

  • You should try cleaning the cache of that Apps and / or some of the many apps to clean the system, then check if still happens.

  • Hi, sorry for answering late, but I wanted to test different settings for a longer time.
    Cleaning cache didn't solve the problem. It may have taken a few more minutes until first crash, but nothing changed.

    Now, with the newest Beta Version 42.8.2246.117704, the constant crashing got a lot better. Now it crashes about every 8 minutes and the window doesn't freeze that much before crash. I am able to restart the browser pretty quickly. Also the crashing message changed - there is no possibility to report crash anymore, just restart or close browser.
    Well, maybe I can can work with that status for now but still hope the problems get fixed soon.

  • In a Rooted device you could access to the Opera system folder.

    What about yours?

  • My phone is not rooted yet. I will think about rooting but it will take me some time to read into that topic. If I root my device I definitely will tell you, but it may take some weeks.