Dark theme: [Mac] Dark menus

  • Hi,

    I'm loving the new dark theme for Developer 45.0. One thing that would be really nice to complete the look is for drop-down menus (such as folders in the bookmarks bar) to use OS X's dark theme menus. Though this might not be possible to set on an application by application basis. However, if I set dark mode in OS X system preferences, the menus are still the light color and doesn't seem to have been picked up within Opera.

  • Welcome to Opera forums @Jodles89! (Spanish? :lol:)

    Your suggestion may take more weight in Desktop Team's blog: ODev 45 Announcement

  • Norwegian! Haha.

    Thanks @zalex108, I wasn't quite sure where the right place to post would be ๐Ÿ™‚

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