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Automatically enable VPN by default only on private mode

  • I believe this is a quite simple and useful option to implement.
    I have found the always connect to VPN option, but most of the times, you don't need to use VPNs for tasks such as to check your emails and so on. On contrast, when you are entering private mode, you may be browsing torrent sites and want your identity hidden, I thing in that case most of us want to use a VPN server.
    Therefore, it will be extremely easy for a user to hit Ctrl+Shift+N and automatically know he is in incognito mode on that window, without needing to turn on and off the vpn from the button. Another reason to implement that option is that I (and I expect many other users as well) almost always forget the VPN mode on afterwards.

  • Another reason to [..]

    And the first reason would be to break the law, by browsing (illegal?) Torrent sites (according to your post)?.. How is anyone expected to post a reply to this..:)


  • Regardless of the intent, this is a valid and reasonable request. Private mode is when you would benefit from the relative anonymity of the VPN the most.
    It would seem reasonable to add a setting to enable VPN by default when in private mode.

  • Opera's VPN is not in relation to Incognito specifically.

    Incognito keeps all cache in RAM therefor there wont be traces left to HDD. Incognito is very local, while VPN gives a layer of protection from trackers out and about.

    Get uMatrix if you yet don't have.

    It's not like that it's a few connections (sniffers, trackers, phishers, etc) those blockers block - it's hundreds.