Stop uninitiated download requests (and popup dialog)

  • Hi,

    On numerous sites, Opera Mini (Android) will raise the Ask Before Download dialog box, for one or multiple videos on the page upon loading, without a request to download having been made.

    It really does become quite annoying, and diminishes the experience. Does not occur in Chrome.

    How can this be prevented, or is it a "feature"/bug?


  • Hey, @andyvxi,

    thanks for your report. Can you please share the sites on which you're experiencing this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @olasia When I try to download youtube videos via website the multiple times asking always happen.

  • I have the same issue wirh html players. We do not want yo give music away fir free. But a mandatory download button appears on mini browser. Its fine on desktop browser. See http:/

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