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Switching tabs with scroll wheel.

  • Is there any way to scroll through open tabs by using the scroll wheel on a mouse or trackball In Opera version 43?

  • Nothing? 😞

  • You may try this.

    Didn't tested my self, just remembered about Presto...
    What a good times. . . :rolleyes:

  • @zalex108

    Thank you for the suggestion but that's a no go. It's a Windows exe file and I'm on a Mac. I have the ability to scroll through tabs using the scroll will if I hold the option/a halt key down (a feature in my mouse drivers).

    But I was hoping to find some way like for instance, I have been extension that allows me to scroll through tabs just by using the scroll will and not having to hold down another key. Opera has a built in mouse gesture feature that does the same thing but with it if there's a text field on the page it automatically jumps to the text field rather than scroll through the tabs which is a real inconvenience.

    Being paralyzed from the neck down and using a mouthstick to control a trackball, having the ability to scroll through tabs without holding an alternate key is a convenience. The only reason I can use the feature in my mouse drivers is thankfully due to an accessibility feature called stickykeys that's built in the operating system.

  • Oh, My apologizes!

    I thought that AutoHotKey works also in MacOS (now I realize it doesn't) and about the .exe complement I didn't realize.

    So I have no idea.

  • you can try V7 Tabs extension
    I implemented that feature long time ago (I'm the author)... but it's a sidebar extension and needs to be opened to be able to perform that action

    ps. If you want to try it, you need to enable that feature in settings

  • [] (I'm the author) []

    Great extensions! ;- )

  • Great extensions! ;- )



  • Many of us would like to thank you for these extensions!


  • @vux777

    Sorry, just now coming back hereSince my last post.I just tried your extension and it works perfectly. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Just what I needed. Makes things much simpler for me. :yes:

  • @rollerdl
    thx, glad you like it