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  • I am using opera on a Mac mini (1.4 GHz Intel Core i5) running 10.11.6 (el capitan).
    This is the first time I've used opera. I have an updated version I wish to install. However...
    I am concerned about whether or not this new version will save my bookmarks. I can't seem to find any information on this question.
    I decided to locate and copy the opera bookmarks plist on my computer. To my surprise, I could find nothing for opera in applications support, preferences, or anywhere else I could see.

    So I have 2 questions:

    Where is the opera bookmarks plist on my computer?
    Will the new version of opera save my bookmarks from the old version?

  • So it's been two days now, and not a single response.
    I have a new question. Where does one go to get help with opera? Or is it the case that once you download, you are on your own?

  • Welcome to Forums @Bobamamda.

    By default Opera will save your data, Bookmarks and other stuff, but as a better way, use Opera Sync:

    Just go to: Opera Menu > Syncronization > Sign In > (and put your Opera user/password info -
    bobamamda/ password)

    it will Sync your data to Opera Servers to be available online and for other devices.

    If you reinstall opera, just sign in and "all data will be restored" for SpeedDial and tabs it will be separated for devices.

    You may check / uncheck what to sync.
    Opera prompt sometimes to select what to sync if not everything it's synced yet

  • I forgot,


    Where is the opera bookmarks plist on my computer?

    Go to Opera Menu > About Opera
    And check Paths, in Profile will be your user data.

  • Thanks for responding. As for using Opera Sync, is there really any point if my computer is the only device I'll be using?

    Finding the info in the Opera menu raises a mystery. For the cache it gives me: /Users/robertford/Library/Caches/com.operasoftware.Opera
    There's a problem. It shows a library folder in my user folder. There is no library folder in my user folder.
    If I click on the icon for my computer, I see four folders: Applications Library System Users
    If I then click on the Users folder, than my folder, all my stuff is there, but no library folder.
    If I go to the Library folder outside my User folder, and go to the cache folder, there is nothing for Opera. Only several files.
    The System folder also has a cache folder. Same thing -- just more files.

  • Hidden maybe

  • Hi Zalex108,

    Willing to take a shot at another bookmarks question?

    I am brand new to Opera, but have had Macs for over 20 years.

    Here are my two computers, both running Opera v 43

    iMac, 2009, OS 10.11.6
    MacBook Pro Retina, 2013, OS 10.11.6

    I have a Sync account and I have signed into the account from both Macs.

    I find that if I make changes in the bookmarks of one Mac, they are not reflected in the changes on the other Mac.

    Is this normal?