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Opera Coast crash in iOS 10.2.1

  • .. how to make Opera Coast work on the subject?

    You may need to find out what is causing the crash and remove it or you may need to wait for a fix.

    BTW, the problem was already reported?

    ... Opera coast worked under iOS 10.2.1 for severals days until the crash(es) occurred.

    Maybe it took a while for the crash to be triggered?

  • where to report the problem?

  • where to report the problem?

    From inside Opera Coast, there should be a 'report a problem' menu.

    As you may not be able to use it due to the crashes, try

  • Thank you for the link, but it seems to be problematic, it runs into an error. Have tried several times (on Mac Book Pro, Sierra)

  • it runs into an error.

    What kind of error? I've just opened it in Opera for Android without any issues.

    Have you tried to open it on IPhone?

  • since update OS 10.2.1 opera coast Crashes!.

    I ask Opera Support for update They answer.....

    Unfortunateley we no longer have the Team who work on Coast, we´re very sorry that we will not be able to provide
    you withe further updates and fixes.
    Regards XXX

    So if you have updatet opera coast in itunes you have only one option to make opera coast work again on your device you can look in you PC in the Trash Folder, there is (When you dont clean it up) the old opera Coast 5.0.3, delete your coast app from your iphone and copy the old opera verson 5.03 in the PC to the folder Musik-itunes-mobile applikasions then sync
    your iphone withe itunes! Now you have the old, but working opera coast back on iphone /iPad

    Sorry for my englich

  • A workaround that works on my iPad:

    1. Activate "flight mode".
    2. Start Opera Coast
    3. Deactivate "flight mode".
  • A workaround: 1. Activate "flight mode". 2. Start Opera Coast 3. Deactivate "flight mode".

    Thanx! This works on my iPad Air2 and iPhoneSE !

    Supplement: For me it seems to have nothing to do with the Version of iOS OR Coast! :

    I have 10.2.0 on my iPad with Opera Coast 5.0.3 and it also crashes since beginning of February!
    This combination worked for long time before!

    The described workaround could suggest that Opera communicates to something at startup - which fails since beginning of this month... ?

  • Great! Works on iPhone 6s and iPad Mini2, too! Thanks.

  • Unfortunately the workaround is not stable.
    It works for several times until it crashes again. Flight-mode on/off does only help for a certain amount of time it is no solution for long.

  • Hey Opera! What's going on with you. The browser is top, you get good reviews in the store und Now?

    Please fix the problem as soon as possible.

  • To be honest, I am really big fan of Opera for desktop, but most of it I like Opera Coast. It works really smooth. But something goes really wrong. Today my default browser for my iPhone, which running iOS 10.3.1, is completely useless. Opera Coast crashes any given time I try to start the application! I am asking for solution which will fix this issue. Does Opera team provides support for Coast yet?