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  • You must not have a tablet ... Opera 15 for Windows and OSX is not designed for tablets. Several of its features would not work very well on a touchscreen. And they tell us that Opera 16 will have bookmarks.

  • If it remains a Chrome clone, then my answer is no. I had tried Chromium once, uninstalled pretty soon. That <bleep> will never touch my computer again.

  • Not officially released, but Opera Next 16 is already available for download. No Linux version there.

    It's going to be a long wait... 😟

  • I should say yes. I vote for the change, as I believe it could be a new start, especially for the innovation. Opera is known for that. But if we always immerse in old features, there will be less space for creativity, or I would like to say "locked" by those. I admit that these magnificent features are the reasons that I use opera for more than 10 years. But some of them were developped in "Stone Age". Although they also seem perfect at this time, we need more. They need a new space, a new start. More care for old features means much heavier chains. The most important thing is the spirit. If they don't lose it, I believe they will create a new era.

  • I voted no.
    Well if this is the direction that opera is going, then I will say it goodbye. I have used opera since it came out for the first time and used it ever since.I just liked it for it possibilities like to hold the right mouse knob and click the left one to go back one page. I also used it for placing the tab bar at the bottom. Those things doesn't work anymore. I hope opera 15 or 16 will never come to Linux. I tried it in windows but I don't like it!!! If I wanted Chromium I will use Chromium and not Chromium with just the name of Opera above it. It's not what most users of Opera want. Yes there were some issues that didn't work in opera, well then I always can use another browser. It is to bad that just those things that made a browser useful will disappear.
    Too bad that the opera team has decide to go to this direction. I will probably say opera farewell. I am very disappointed in the new Opera.

  • No need to post the same thing twice ...

  • I'm still sticking with Opera 10.6x and -to a lesser exent- Opera 12.11, ever since that last one's release I have yet to see anything that convinces me than an upgrade is worth is, be it Linux-wise or otherwise. There's too much good stuff that is being lost just to appease luserbase, which is not something I stand for when I stand with Opera.

    I do believe though if Opera 16 for Linux comes around and is based off Chromium and it is at least somewhat stable enough, I might use it... as a replacement of Midori for quick, "just once and forget" navigation.

  • I've been using Opera since early versions of 3.5 or something like that. My first impression for Opera 15 was - no, sir, no can do 🙂
    But I tried it.
    Well, it's still not the complete Opera for me as it lacks a lot of customizibility. I installed it on Windows7 and I have to admit it's lightning fast, one can get used to it.
    Of course I miss a lot of extensions but what I can tell comparing to other Chromium based browser SRWare Iron, it consumes a lot less memory.
    Good job Opera team. After all, I think I'll like this new design.

  • I do not have first hand experience with new desktop Opera/Webkit beside one minute poke on Windows release, but I had installed mobile version on S4, and it was disappointing, as ram usage was twofold that of Chrome and there were occasional hiccups (!). This was first time I totally wiped Opera from any of my devices... Probably I will still check it if there will be FreeBSD version.

  • Opera Developer 17 is starting to look better, but still has a ways to go.

  • Thanks for reply. One more thing- I don't know how they missed it, but you couldn't choose anything from context menu on mobile version. About ram usage- to be honest it varied wildly, I presume it was tied to "discover" preload. At times it was on par with Chrome...

  • Just one question. There will be security support for Opera 12 until next linux version, right?

  • There are still security updates in Windows since 15 was released, so of course. 12.16 for Windows, OSX and Linux was released after 15.

  • Thank you, sgunhouse!

  • Opera 17 Stable not Linux version yet 😞

  • Originally posted by destinthegreat:

    Opera 17 Stable not Linux version yet 😞

    And 19 won't be either.

    Just wait, it will arrive eventually.

  • They release version 15, but none linux
    They release version 16, but none linux
    They release version 17, but none linux
    They release version 19, but none linux

    This pattern makes is obvious. It looks like there will NEVER be more Opera for Linux. Least not in the far foreseeable future.


    Originally posted by Daniel Aleksandersen, Opera employee:

    Do not expect it for another three months at the earliest.

    This would literally mean we can begin waiting in about March. If you really want it so much.

  • it's a shame, opera devs. are U M$ developers? we are waiting for update for linux and there is no such thing on a horisont

  • Originally posted by stefaca:

    it's a shame, opera devs. are U M$ developers? we are waiting for update for linux and there is no such thing on a horisont

    And when I say it wasn't a priority, I mean that we didn't even have something that was in a compilable state. A few people had started fixing up the broken code to get something that would compile on Linux in their own free time. After a few weeks of hacking, they were told by management to stop what they were doing and instead focus their volunteer efforts on the project goals, being to ship a Windows and Mac version.