[Feature Request] Option to hide horizontal tabs from the title bar

  • With some extensions, we can have vertical tabs available, so it would be nice to have an option (even if hidden somewhere in opera://flags/) to hide all tabs from the horizontal title bar.
    This option is available in Vivaldi, so it would be fantastic to have that in Opera as well. The only thing is that I would suggest to leave that arrow for the "tabs popup", if some extension does something wrong and some tabs are not accessible.

    Vivaldi has their "Web panel", so it's possible to run Opera's sidebar extensions, you should be aware that they can steal quite some of your users if more people will get to know how to. As a proof, someone asked me if that was possible and for his request I made instructions how to do it and posted it on Vivaldi's forum, so yeah, there is definitely some interest, since you have your own extensions page and they don't.

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