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History item opens in wrong window

  • When I want to go back to something I've visited recently, I type command-N to open a new window, and then select the location I want from the History menu. But instead of opening that item in that frontmost window I just created, it opens the History item in some other window, replacing its former contents, which is usually something I still wanted to keep available.

  • Try something, if you would please.

    Open two windows as you're talking about. Move between them and open both history as well as bookmarks from the menu bar at the top of the page.

    See if each always opens in the window that is not active.

  • With multiple windows open, individual items selected from the History menu or the Bookmarks menu will always open in some window other than the front-most window. This is true even if you do it two consecutive times. That is, you can select a History item, it will open in some other window (thereby bringing that window to the front), then select another History item, and it will again open in some other window. Note that this only happens when selecting individual items from those menus. If you go to those menus and select :show all history" or "show all bookmarks," those do open in the frontmost window as expected (adding a tab to do so, if the window is not merely a blank Speed Dial window).

    If others are not seeing this, maybe it is a conflict with some extension?

  • Bingo. I'm getting the same thing. Haven't tried the History bit yet.

    One more. Do you have a menu bar that sits down inside the window? If so, any bookmark opens in the current window/tab right?

    Okay, lemee see about about the history stuff. May be the menu bar up above giving issues.

  • Yup. History does the same thing. Choose show all and it opens in the current window/tab. Choose a single item and it switches windows and opens in another window/tab.

    Bookmarks up in the menu bar should do the same thing.

  • Same problem as with the Bookmarks.
    Not that it matters, but if this isn't fixed with an update very soon, I am going back to Safari.

  • I know how you feel, bbb. When I first realized it was happening, I would pick a history item, go to the window it appeared in, copy its URL, hit the Back button to restore the proper window contents, open a new window, and paste the URL, which was ridiculous and would have quickly sent me running from Opera. Then I realized there was a more reasonable approach... Never pick an individual item from the History menu. Pretend that list isn't there, and instead, choose Show All History, and then click your desired item from the list that then appears. Of course it's not perfect, it's still extra maneuvering and you end up generating extra tabs that eventually need to be closed, but it's more workable.

    Though on that topic, personally, I feel that, when you select something from the History window, it should open in that very tab, rather than generating a new tab for the selected item. (There would still be the option of command-click for opening an item in a new tab, which is useful if your goal is to open more than one item from that History window.)

  • Yeah, that's been my work around to Curious, but as you say, is ridiculous. Was hoping this new update would have fixed this, but alas, problem remains with History and Bookmarks.

    I have step by step pictures of the issue, but not sure how to post them here for Opera to follow.