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Change Appearance of Drop-Down Menus?

  • Is there any way to alter the built-in text style and line spacing of the Drop-Down Menus on the Opera Browser? I would like to change how many line entries appear when I use the drop-down menus, such that more entries would be visible on my screen when I do open an Opera menu, but I can't find any way to do that. Also, maybe changing the text style and size on the drop-down menus to be more legible would be helpful.

    It's not the content of webpages I'm trying to change, but the look and layout of Opera's own drop-down menus.

    Thank you,


    (I'm using Opera 12.17, if that makes any difference...)


  • This is impossible in current Opera versions, but is possible in Opera 12, as the menu formats are stored in an ini file that can be manually edited.
    Which particular menus do you want to change?

  • Thank you for responding, Dave.

    The one I'm particularly interested in doing something with is the "Bookmarks" drop-down menu. The line spacing on it, the way it is now, is so tall between each line entry that I have to mouse through about six "more items" menu windows off to one side or the other of the original drop-down to get to the bookmark I'm actually looking to use. If I could reduce the line spacing on all those menu entries, then more bookmarks could appear on each page of that menu, such that I wouldn't have to page through as many of these additional side windows to get to what I want.

    The type style on the drop-down menus is less critical, but if there were a way to change that, that would be good too.

    Thank you for any light you may be able to shed on how to do this,



  • I see your problem, but I'm pretty sure that it's not actually possible to change the spacing between menu lines, only the content of the menus.
    As far as bookmarks go, I have a huge number too, but they are compartmentalised into folders, so the dropdowns are still of a manageable size.
    If you haven't done that, I would suggest that's the easiest answer.

  • Yeah... I was suspecting as much.

    I do have most of my bookmarks (many, acquired and gardened/maintained over lots of years) organized into folders, as much as is reasonably possible, but the menus are still awkward to get around in given the number of entries I have. But if it's not possible to reduce the drop-down menu line spacing in this version (which I otherwise like quite well)... Oh, well!

    But, be that as it may (and I was imagining that would be the answer), I do thank you very much for responding to my inquiry! Always appreciated that someone will take the time to share what they know, even when there's obviously nothing in it for them (you) but the feeling of being helpful. Much appreciated that you answered!~

    somewhere in Idaho


  • No problem Peter!
    I don't think you'll find that in any browser.
    The Opera versions up to version 12 were the most user configurable browsers ever made, if they can't do it, nothing can!