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Problem clicking links and buttons in Facebook with Opera Beta

  • Description: For last few weeks I have had a problem with Facebook. When I try to click links to different Facebook groups in left sidebar, the clicks don't work or register at all. Maybe fifth or tenth click works. Or it works after i refresh the page. But then same behaviour continues. Another problem is with small Facebook chat window open in bottom right corner. When I try to close it by clicking the X, the blue top bar changes to grey. Clicking only flashes the bar to blue, but does not close the window. You need to click it several times to get tho window closed.

    This seems to happen only with the chat window and sidebar links to different groups. Other links work as expected.

    I haven't had problems with any other site so far. This is only happening in Facebook.

    The web console is not showing any errors. There is only a message: "Opera has modified script or content on (PATCH-1195, Facebook - block first character in the comment field from triggering a single key keyboard shortcut). See browser.js for details"

    At first I thought the problem is in Facebook itself. But in other browsers it works just fine. I have tried to disable adblocking and all the other extensions. I have also deleted the browser and preferences, and reinstalled it.

    The strange thing is that in my other Mac the Opera Beta works with Facebook as expected. Only difference is, that Mac haven't been updated to latest macOS update, 10.12.2. It has still version 10.12.1.

    Is anyone else having this problem? And is the problem with the OS update, or Opera Beta? I try to update my other Mac to latest version in the evening, and see if the problem arises with that also.

    Steps to reproduce: Go to Facebook. Start a chat with someone, or select an old chat to open chat window in bottom right corner of the screen. Try to close the chat window by clicking the X.

    Actual result: Chat windows top bar flashes blue, but does not close the window in single click. You may have to click several times.

    Expected result: Window should close with a single click.

    OS: macOS 10.12.2


    Version of Opera: Opera Beta 43.0.2442.7

  • Now I have same behaviour in Opera Add-ons site also. When searching for an add-on, then trying to click the add-ons title or description, it doesn't take you anywhere. The pointer icon is shown when hovering over the title and description text, but the link doesn't seem to work. You can get to add-ons page only by clicking the icon.

  • Hi there. Having this exact same problem. Did you manage to resolve this and if so, how? Thanks.