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Opera browser VPN switches off within 2 seconds of enabling

  • After sticking with the old glory days Opera browser 12.15, I decided enough time had passed since the first chrome based opera to perhaps get it working good.

    What I found is a browser that is a slug vis a vis my old 12.15, but at least I have bookmarks, and it seemed to have imported them ok, albeit in icons that are not immediately clear what bookmark it is until opening them. Still, the UI was nice and crisp. Maybe, I thought to myself, this is gonna work out fine and dandy, after all.

    Nontheless, I had really downloaded it to try the VPN, which works so well on my phone and tablet. Oh dear. It switches off within 2 seconds of enabling it, and nothing loads in any case, as I stare at the amber VPN icon that was blue for 1.75 seconds.

    Great start. Not. Still, I decided to persevere, and despite already spending considerably more time faffing about in settings (why not just set the damm thing to work best as a default, btw?) than I had to do with the Android version of VPN, and googling like mad, I came upon a post suggesting using WebRC leak prevent, although the recommended settings for this in Opera settings are greyed out and not clickable. Great. Bringing up the WebRTC leak prevent extension options, and there are only three options...nowhere is there the 'use any suitable network interface (recommended)' showing greyed out in Opera settings.

    Why should it it be SO hard to enable VPN? Do I need - as one google post suggested to go back a Opera release to get working VPN? This problem seems to have occured to some since the first Opera browser release version that had VPN way back in spring of this year. For now, it's back to Vivaldi for the (few) pages my trusty old Opera 12.15 has problems with.