Backup & restore from Moto X Play.

  • Hi everyone.
    I am running Opera Mini Version 19.0.2254.108926 on a Motorola Moto X Play.
    My phone memory was approaching it limit, I was planning to empty into my laptop, but before I could do that the phone messed up.
    I have been asked to hard reset the phone, by the customer support.
    I want to backup my entire Opera folder onto my computer, Windows 7 PC.
    I have speed dials, bookmarks, saved pages & a lot of history, as Opera is my main browser.
    I also have about 100+ tabs open.
    After the hard reset of the phone, I want to restore Opera to the same phone & would like to have it in the same state.
    Anyone has any idea or am I asking for too much?
    Thanks in advance.

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