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Email rejected so I'm feedbacking here...

  • This is the text of my email...

    Dear Opera team
    I firstly used Opera on my Nokia 6300 which was a great experience and I couldn't find a better browser when I moved to Android.
    A year ago I put my negative review to Opera containing my complains about the usability of the programme, and thankfully after 4 months they were finally ironed out, and honestly since then I didn't look at any browser other than Opera, and was hyped when the UI update was teased, yet unfortunately it messed up a lot on functionality.
    I'll start with the tabs since it is the one that gets me the most, for some reason you decided to let the quick access tab opened all the time, which is annoying and makes me lose count of the tabs I open sometimes since it counts it as a tab.
    Also when I want to open a speed page dial I can't just open it in a new tab because if I don't type a search or a website it will automatically close the tab that I just opened which is so random in my opinion, I know there's a home button that takes me to the quick accessed but for some reason it feels strange to close the tab just because I don't want to write.
    Then the removal of history from the main screen, honestly it took me a minute or two to find it, not to mention that it being in the left just feels normal, a suggestion is to add it to the new channels so users can add it or remove it with ease.
    And finally the new icon in the right bottom corner replacing the settings, it's a nice touch although I think its positioning is strange (maybe because I am used to settings be there) I wish there would be an option to put the settings there and merge the new menu into the settings list, in addition to choosing (or rearranging) the initial page you land on when opening it.
    That's the feedback I have on the new browser, hopefully my suggestions will be taken into consideration.
    Your user since 2007

  • Even worse, the changed UI looks like as if the design team had to crunch something together because the beancounters/hr(slave drivers) had enough of them twiddling their thumbs. Eiher that or some young manager/designer wanting to one up his predecessor. At least this is how Bastard Operator from hell stories start 🙂

    Even though maintaining two or more interface designs would solve that issue much better. Or even better, give us the option to use some markup language to design our own interface and showcase our favorite designs.

    Not kidding: I haven't seen a single Ui redesin within any product that was an improvement, and I'm starting with the winxp interface all the way through ribbon to the various operas.

  • Same here, I'm a tablet user (wayteq xtab 7q), and everything is worse with the new messed up UI. Worst of all, opera spent company money and dev time on this unnecessary step instead of doing quality of life fixes, such as "not pestering the user about nonresponding pages with a freakin popup notice in the middle of the freaking screen", or "enlarge the refresh button because its hard to hit with touch controls"

    No. But there was PLENTY of time to develop notifications for promotions and news, which is a "feature" NOBODY wanted. Hey, losers, here is a piece of advice: I can check my news on my own! I don't need your program to wipe my ass for me!

    Best of all, this is the second time the goddamn android overlord system updated my version without my express consent, so fuck them too. And I can't find a decent .apk to downgrade with.

    Sorry that it came out this way, because I love Opera and the previous version (37, android) was great! (aside from finding my saved pages, and not being able to save pages in .mht or .html format, although that hasn't changed here either) Anyways, I've vented both my bad day, the ten years of frustration thanks to arbitrary ui changes in software and my disappointment with the new version of opera(41 for android, now with extra irrelevant crap and rolls of toilet paper), and now I feel a lot better. So take the abpve with a grain of salt.

    So now I'm curious about your designers' reasoning behind this and all the minutiae UI changes that ruin my muscle memory, and the unergonomic colors and fonts.

  • The generic version of Opera Browser must be developed on 2 branches like in ante and post KK, somehow similar with Chrome.

  • It was been great if opera mini can import saved pages without root acess in android like in java versions or save page in mht like in opera mobile classic