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Most Desired Features That Need To Come Back

  • I'm an Opera user since I switched from Netscape Navigator (remember this one?). Since v15, I used 12.16 exclusively, with sometimes Chrome as backup. Today I decided to try out the new version, and hooray, extensions are back.
    But many great things are missing, or impossible to find:
    -the new config is a joke (or the real config menu is really, really well hidden), for example no option to disable speeddial?!?
    -after looking through this thread, I didn't even bother to import my several hundred bookmarks.
    -no tab groups? Easily one of the Opera features I used the most, and SO practical! Gone, but why..?? Gamebreaker right there.

    -it also had some problems with the "back" button, used in my eMail account, if reading a Mail, and clicking "back", it brought me not into the inbox (what I want and the old browser effortlessly did), but straight onto the homepage

    I have now downloaded 12.14 again and will use it together with Chrome (which btw removed the speed dial as default setting) for the few sites that give the old Opera problems.
    Opera20 is a step into the right direction, but it definitely lacks many good features.

  • Opera 12.16 was the best browser there was. Opera 20 is quite the opposite. I will use Firefox until Opera goes back to a good browser.

  • Opera 12.16 was the best browser there was. Opera 20 is quite the opposite. I will use Firefox until Opera goes back to a good browser.

    Yes, you've told us now in several threads. Enjoy Firefox.

  • @linuxmint

    "In Opera 12.16 I can make any search engine the default.
    Nope, that possibility was removed in that very version (12.16), to stop rogue sites/code from hijacking Opera users default search engines (You can only set the ones provided). The last version of Opera (Presto) to support setting any search engine as a users default is 12.14"

    Thanks for clarifying. Actually 12.16 preferences still pretends to allow you to set any engine as the default, but evidently doesn't execute the preference any more! I guess I hadn't used the facility since 12.14. I'd still prefer to use ixquick, of course, since it seems not to want to steal my soul.


  • I am going back to firefox even though I have to hit reload every time and it takes forever to load a page. Why?

    Opera sometimes refuses to load documents from local hard disk.
    It does not have bookmarks.
    It will not let you configure your own editor to replace view source.
    It makes you click every instance of every Java Applet before you view it.
    It thinks Java Web Start is not installed.
    It sometimes gets the vertical positioning of text wrong.

  • Well, I'm not seeing ANY bookmark extensions updating... am I gonna have to learn how to make my own? 😕

  • I feel your pain 8(

    Sadly I have switched to Firefox, Some sites do not work w/ Opera 12.x very well any more like

  • I found this example but it... doesn't work.

    Can an Opera Dev please update this tutorial to work with the current bookmarks implementation, since that changed? All I get is a blank window.

    As for moving tabs to the bottom of the browser... it looks like Chrome Devs pretty much said "no" to all layout customizations in the past several years. I don't give a flying patootie about my background image, I want to change my browser layout. I hope the Opera team is able to change the code enough to allow for layout changes.

    Also, I wish I could put those extension buttons on the left side of the browser...

  • @ani-m

    As for Bookmarks, I use them, quite a lot and definitely would want to organize them into folders. As I'm new to Opera, I can't say if the features in 20 will meet this need or not.

    You can organize into folders. In that regard the extensions Chrookmarks for Chrome works well for me.

    If you click on the Chrookmarks icon on the Personal toolbar, you get a vertical display of your bookmarks. If you right click on a folder, you get the option to make a new folder. If you right click on that new folder, you get an option to create inside it a new folder, and on and on. Now those folders that you create show up on Personal Bookmarks bar (that you no doubt activated by going to Settings/Browser, and put a dot in the place to activate it). Without Chrookmarks, if you right click on a folder in the personal bookmarks bar, you don't get that option to create a folder in the folder (which is a bit of a nit/flaw). I'm not saying Chrookmarks is the only Bookmarks manager extension that gives you the ability to create folders within folders, but it's the only one I have on my computer to test right now.

  • Also, the classic menu bar. And the download dialog with options to Open, Save As, etc.

  • I miss a lot of stuff.

    • Left-click on tab to focus the previously-focused tab. (Don't really need the MDI minimize part of that feature like in 12)

    • Open tab at end. (Classic Tabs helps with that.

    • Focus the previously-focused tab on tab close. (Classic tabs again)

    • Bookmarks sub-menu in main menu.

    • Clickable drop-down icon in the address field to see the previously-typed URLs.

    • Go button for address field. (For submitting changes I make to the address with my left hand while keeping my right on the mouse)

    • Open option on download dialog to download to a temp director and open the file.

    • MIME type settings (including download preferences) in the UI.

    • Down + up mouse gesture on page or link to duplicate page or open link in background tab.

    • Right-click on link -> "open" option (that overrides target like in 12).

    • Spatial navigation.

    • Option to turn off close buttons on tabs.

    • Middle-click/double-left-click on empty spot on tab bar to open new tab.

    • Right-click on tab -> "Close all" (which clears the last tab).

    • Mail client. (SmartRSS and RSS Detector help with the feed part at least)

    • Dragonfly.

    • Editing and "apply changes" in source viewer + Reload from cache + option to use external source viewer.

    I'd say all the tab options are the most important to me.

  • With me having Dial Up, one of the features of the old original Opera that was monumentally important and Godzilla-sized helpful to me was the Extended Progress Bar. No other Browser that I know of has ever had it. With that Extended Progress Bar I could always tell immediately and at all times the status of anything that was loading, be it the loading of a site or a download of some App. I could see in detail whether a loading was going excruciatingly slow or fair or at the normal speed or even pretty much stuck in park. Therefore, I would always know more or less how much longer something was gonna take to load ... or whether it was time to pull the plug and abort a loading that was going nowhere.

    All other Browsers that I know of, be it Opera 20, Firefox or Chrome, just have some circling thingy and extremely vague and borderline useless little messages as the indication that SUPPOSEDLY a loading is actively in progress. However, I can't know whether that loading is going along at normal speed, fair speed or possibly going along at 25 bps or locked up.

    So yeah, I would sure be excited if the Extended Progress Bar was brought back.

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