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Opera mail keeping views status through sessions

  • Hi,
    I have been using opera mail for quite a long time. A few bugs are unimportant to me, but one is very unpleasant : I use tags (or views, I do not remember the english name) to classify mails. In those views, mails are grouped in trees by subject. These trees may be collapsed or expanded.
    I would like the tree status (expanded/collapsed) to be kept across opera mail close and restart. Some trees DO keep their status others do not. I have not been able to find why.

    Thanks for ideas.

  • There's no option to configure the behavior. Opera Mail does something automatic here. Opening a view for the first after startup, it auto-expands any threads that have unread messages in them.

    Try making sure these threads/trees have no unread messages in them and collapse them. See if they stay collapsed then. Obviously, if you receive a new message in one of the threads/trees, it'll auto-expand.

  • Thanks, the unread message seems a nice idea. No problem for reexpand in case of new message.

  • It works, thanks a lot !