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Imported bookmarks in the bookmarks bar

  • I've downloaded and begun to use Opera, but I'm having a problem with the Bookmark Bar. I've imported my bookmarks from another browser, and I'm finding no way to place the folder containing the imported bookmarks on the bar.

    I'm sure many here have done this. How is it done? Opera version

  • You can move folders around from inside the Bookmarks Manager (Ctrl + Shift + B ).

  • Brand new opera user here, so bear with me if this has been answered elsewhere.

    I too imported my bookmarks from firefox, but I'm trying to get them all to the side of the browsing window and it just won't happen. This was something trivial to firefox. Is there a way to do it? All I have managed to find from addons is a V7 Bookmark extension which does this. Do I really have to use an addon for something so simple? Is there any mention from opera's developers about making the bookmarks appear on the side?

  • What you want isn't available natively in Opera I'm afraid, you will have to use an extension if you don't want the bookmarks bar at the top.

  • Thanks davehawley. I don't suppose Opera developers have mentioned anything about making that feature part of the program, have they? I mean it's only two or three things that make me miss firefox, this being one.

  • The sidebar in Opera is only for extensions. Hence the name 'Extensions sidebar'. That said, V7 Bookmarks is probably the best bookmark extension around. It has tons of nice features.