Opera doesn't close completely.

  • Version: 42.0.2393.14 - Opera is up to date (04 Nov 2016)
    Update stream: beta
    System: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (x86_64; Unity)
    Adobe Flash Player Version:

    Opera zygote processes continue to run when I close Opera and fails to restart until I run
    "killall opera-beta" twice.

    Disabling flash plugin fixes.

    Anyone else get this?
    PS: get a real fkn forum. PITA to use.

  • Yup, same here.
    It also seems to mess up the user profile since after each unsuccessful closing all custom searches and stored passwords are gone.

    Version:	42.0.2392.0
    Update stream:	developer
    System:	Ubuntu 16.10 (x86_64; Unity)'
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