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Opera 36: How do I play video on this thing?

  • It flies, I like it, but clicking on a Facebook video, it says "Flash unavailable". Kinda weird, every other browser just works, plug-in or whatever.
    So what should I do? Windows XP SP3, other browsers show most videos one way or another, even Opera 11.

  • Tried YouTube - working. Means something wrong was with Facebook videos? Checked the plugins: lots of them, all enabled.
    (And I installed this "AdBlock" extension for Opera.)

    I have an additional question. Does this browser - or this version - have a setting to where open links/new tabs etc. Meaning I prefer to open next to the active one, other browsers have it, don't they?

    Ah! Yet another question. Found "Import bookmarks", checked "Favourites/Bookmarks", "Cookies" and "History". I don't know about the cookies yet, but no bookmarks detectable (said "Finished") - while there is some history, which is a good thing since there's no bookmarks. I chose "Firefox", should've been loads.

  • On a site, had a "Download Adobe Flash" or something like that, downloaded and installed, now it's working there. Haven't checked Facebook again, but there wasn't any such link/writing there, so it might be different; checked the settings here, but didn't get it all, though left this "recommended" "important content" thing checked, not "run all".
    Well, on a certain other site, videos are only rendered to download - with no other options there: tried those "plug-in exceptions" in the settings - to no avail; in other browsers those videos run right there --- well, haven't checked it after installing the plugin, but that site is in the state of demise anyway, so...
    I'll come back next time I hit Facebook or something.

    To say the truth, it flies!
    Well, I installed this Opera AdBlock and open only one tab or something - so far so good. 🆙

  • I found the same behaviour as in Google Chrome.
    In Google Chrome everything was fine at first. But then videos started clogging - "goating": sound ran breaking, stuttering.
    Now this, in Opera 36, even with only 1 tab active and cache cleared, and AdBlock active, it immediately started goating as well, at a site previously, first day, where it seemed running just fine.
    In Firefox, despite CPU close to same 100%, it never does that. It only hangs for short times once in a while which is bearable, 360 videos. 240 run almost normal.
    I guess the problem lies within the Blink engine itself. Will try Maxthon as soon as my antivirus completes the file analysis.
    I'm going to further report on this problem in my thread in the Lounge, "Video rendering in different browsers".
    Having some other issues with 36's installation and settings, probably I'll start a new thread on that here.

  • Now this, in Opera 36, even with only 1 tab active and cache cleared, and AdBlock active, it immediately started goating as well, at a site previously, first day, where it seemed running just fine.

    Today it worked, actually.

    Maybe because I reopened the browser and started with 1 tab right away, while yesterday I used it for a while before hitting the movie site...

    Who knows what can possibly cause such a problem?
    Some "rogue" process/application? I don't know what to look at.

    Now on the system, I'm having open: a light messenger running in the background, a folder minimised, an RTF doc minimised, plus this browser, two tabs now but it was one while watching - three or four episodes of 40+ mins each, different hosts, went well!..

    (Psst: YouTube ran rather well today, even in full screen. By the way, goating started immediately I hit the full screen yesterday; yes, full screen is kinda harder on that to bear I suppose.)

  • YouTube won't be using the Flash Player, it will be using the HTML5 player, at least it is for me with Opera 36 on XP. Right click on a YouTube video and it should tell you.
    Facebook I believe does use the Flash Player.
    The latest one (Pepper Flash is the first Flash 23 version to actually work with Opera 36 in my experience, make sure you have that one installed.

  • Yeah, it was "23-something-d-something", that which I installed the other day. Could check later somewhere there.

    Actually, I'm with Firefox 43 now. The latest, 49, is too slow and hangy, quite a bit.

    Left O.36 open while out shopping. It was an hour plus, two?
    Well, I see it behaves similar to Google Chrome: kinda getting hangy or slowing down itself while the time it's open passes...
    What can possibly accumulate on that? It wasn't running anything - just stayed open... 😕

  • It hugely increases to happen when the player stays idle, on pause.
    Closing unused tabs helps a bit, I guess.

    To describe the "goating", it's like this medieval torture when a man gets stretched: he gets longer and his limbs detach :XP:

    Normal video (sound!):

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -