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  • Dear Opera developers,

    Please give back an option to disable DirectWrite.
    A lot of people do not like (actually HATE) blurry fonts.
    You can start considering of dropping this option after 10 years, when everybody will use high PPI screens, so there will be no difference between sh..tty ClearType and normal fonts (BTW, at that time all those anti-aliasing 'technologies' will be useless, cause of (again) high PPI).

    Please don't post here 'explanations' of why it can't be done.
    Everybody already know that the problem is in Chromium. OK. But Chromium is an open source project and, as I know, Opera devs are participating in that project, so you can either take it back (which is the preferred option - cause there are some other tools like Atom editor, which will be f..cked up as well after moving to latest Chromium) or make a fork.

    You did a great job till version 38, and now new Opera is not much worse than the old one, and in many aspects is better.
    So, I guess, you can slow down for a moment with new releases to cover this topic.
    This is a Major feature for many people.

    If this is not a place to make a request to devs/company, let's consider where we (Community!) can make a proper request to the Chromium/Opera devs.

    P.S. For now I have to stay at v38, and also use Firefox (and you all know that Firefox is going to move to Chromium too, so there is no place to hide for this sh..t).

  • This is not the suggestions forum. Try posting this there.