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Click to play during VPN sessions

  • So. Finally the VPN is implemented in Opera Stable as it has been tested on both Developer and Beta.
    But it doesn't run effortless:
    When on a VPN session, you'd experience the 'click to play' dialogue on sites like - uhm - let call it

    Now, you can enable plugins automatically in the Opera Settings for the session (until you close the browser) and hence see - uhm - North Green Area and The Show That Has a Higher Frequency than Every Other Day.
    But as soon as you close the browser, you'd have to re-enable plugins in the settings.
    It is as if the browser doesn't 'save' the setting of either "Detect and run important plug-in content (recommended)" or "Run all plug-in content" when in a VPN session.

    Does anyone have a fix for this?
    Could it be solved by e.g. running a script on startup of Opera which by default enables plug-ins without the click to play dialogue?

    Any suggestions are welcome!!

  • VPN on Opera is still very erratic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    I have and use two versions of Opera. Opera 40.0.2308.81 and Opera Dev 42.0.2372.0

    Opera Dev 42 used to run VPN very well most if the time but now it has been down for a few days.
    While Opera 40 is running VPN well right now today but most of the time VPN does not work on this Opera version. Yesterday VPN was not working at all with Opera 40.

    When you turn on VPN on either Opera version and it's not working, no sites can be reached. You just see Opera attempting to reach those sites but never does as it shows those sites 'loading' but never connecting with them.

    Very frustrating.