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Remembering Password on Basic Auth Sites

  • I'm a web developer and there's one site that I use a lot for which I've set up logins for all of my clients. The site uses Basic Auth for it's login handling (for those that don't know Basic Auth is the style of login where a little window pops up and you're asked for a username and password).

    In Opera 12 I had the browser set up to remember all the logins for this site and I could choose from a drop down list of usernames and Opera would automatically put in the password.

    In Opera 20 this doesn't seem to work. When I go to log in there is no drop down list of passwords, and starting to type a username doesn't do anything either.

    I can go into Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Manage Saved Passwords and see all of the logins that I had set up, so they transferred over ok when I installed Opera 20.

    I've tried deleting one of the logins and then log in using the login I just deleted, and Opera asks me if I want it to remember the login, and I say yes. I then log out and try to log back in but again no drop down list or anything. It seems to remember the last login and always offers that, but that's no good to me if I want to log in using a different login.

    How do I get Opera to give me the list of logins its remembered for that site so I can choose one to log in as?

  • lastpass extention can do that.

  • @murray

    Remembering Password on Basic Auth Sites

    This is bug DNA-7933 i reported since Opera 15 up to now!

    Fixed in: Opera 21 DEV (Build 21.0.1419.0)
    May be fixed in Opera 21 NEXT (21.0.1432.31)

  • @murray

    Sorry for my previous post. The bug is not fixed! Bug was reported at 2013-07-02, long ago.

    Opera 21 an newer sometimes inserts login data, but you can not select a loginname in a server's Auth Basic popup if you habe more than one username for a domain.

  • Thanks for confirming that it is indeed a bug @angiesdom

    I do use KeePass for remembering most of my passwords as it's nice to have a centralised database of all my logins that I can use in any browser on any of my PC's, I guess I'll just have to start using that for these passwords too.

  • Argh! No I can't use KeePass because Opera 20 seems to shift the focus away from the Username field when you switch to a different program. This prevents KeePass from sending the username / password to Opera as it simply sends the username, a tab, and the password to the previous program. It relies on the cursor being in the username field.

    This works for other login types (i.e. an HTML form) but not for Basic Auth logins. How frustrating!

    I guess it's some kind of security measure?

  • Ah, I've managed to get KeePass to work properly now with Basic Auth logins.

    I had to change KeePass's Auto Type to: {DELAY 1000}+{TAB}+{TAB}{USERNAME}{TAB}{PASSWORD}{ENTER}

    So that's a delay of a second, two shift-tabs to move the focus up to the username field, then send the username, a tab, the password and finally an enter.

  • Nicely done!