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Speed Dial Thumbnail Added Without My Permission

  • When I woke up this morning and opened my Opera browser there was a speed dial link to Target. I did not click it because I did not put it there. No one on this PC uses Opera except for me. I will ask the other people if they did it but it would be completely out of character for them to touch my PC let alone leave a Target link on my browser. I know you are all thinking that my house mates may have left me a speed dial link or that I sleep walk and did this to myself but I am telling you absolutely no way.

    Question to community: has anyone else found a speed dial thumb and know you didn't put there?

    Worrying about my PC having a virus tho scans are negative. I notice lately my addblocks are becoming less useful on Opera but are working great on Chrome/Firefox. I added a new addblock addon yesterday (AdBlock with the hand icon) to Opera in hopes that it would improve. But if these strange adds in my speed dial and on youtube and on websites keep showing in only Opera's browser I am afraid I will have to discontinue use of this browser.

    One more thing to note that was weird. When I make a speeddial link it appears in the upper left corner. Then I move it where I want it. This unwanted speed link was in the lower right corner. That is not even the natural place for a speed dial link to go when a user applies it. If a person had done this it would have been in the upper right corner. And I am serious none of my house mates would come near my room let alone my pc let alone my browser. Something's amiss.

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  • I really hate how these forums negate paragraphs!
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  • If you are not paying for the product then someone is paying for it on your behalf. Opera makes money by selling speed sponsored dials and search engines. When Opera updated it added the new speed dial to the list because that sponsor had paid for it since you last installed Opera. If you remove it, it should not come back.

    I really hate how these forums negate paragraphs!

    It uses its own formatting system called Markdown. You will find a link at the bottom of the page explaining how to use it.