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Opera mail client layout improvement.

  • Hi I get 100 of emails ever day and it very hard to check every one quickly who you received the email from.

    Would be much better if opera change the layout. Please open the link of screenshot.

    Thank you

  • Opera main is a discontinued product. There will be no further releases.

  • You want group by date * + sort by from?

    If so, "Group" by date is the default. It's under the wrench icon at the top right of Opera mail.

    For sort by subject, you can switch to "list only" layout for a sec to sort by subject (by clicking the "subject" column header one or more times to switch between ascending/descending) and then switch back to list and message on right layout.

    If you want to keep the column headers and have list and message on right layout, you can close down Opera Mail and edit operaprefs.ini (see Help -> about Opera Mail). There, under the "[Mail]" section, you can add/set:

    Mail View Two Lined Messages=0

    Also note that if you switch to "Contacts", messages for a contact will be grouped there.

    You can also left-click the from header about a message and choose to "follow" the contact. Then, you'll get a "Followed Contacts" section in the mail panel with that contact underneath it.

    For any view, you can click on the "settings for this view" button on the message list toolbar and configure the "show" options. There you can uncheck "show read" for a view if you want so that only unread messages are shown.

    You can also make use of "All Messages/Unread" as that helps a lot. You can right-click in the mail panel, goto "show messages from" and set it to a certain account. Then, until a restart, views will only show messages from that account.

  • Brilliant. I have done that and look good now. is opera mail client been discontinued?

  • is opera mail client been discontinued?

    Yes, lando242 is correct.

  • Hi burnout426. Thanks for the reply. I was using windows live mail which is discontinue and I found opera mail client which is similar to windows live mail client. Both discontinued. is there any other you know which has All iboxes options like, please open screenshot.

  • is there any other you know which has All iboxes options like

    Thunderbird has that. Under the Menu button, if you goto "folders", you can set it to "Unified". Then, there'll be something similar to "All Messages" in the folder pane. Specifically, there will be an "Inbox" view at the top that shows messages from all inboxes. Under that view though will be subviews so you can see messages for each individual inbox.

    There are sent, drafts, archives, junk and trash views like that too.

    After all those, you have each of your accounts separately where the other folders besides Inbox are shown.

    As for "Unread", Thunderbird has a "view" setting where you can switch any view to only show unread. There's a drop-down for this that you can add to the toolbar.