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[Solved] Opera Mail will not let me create folders

  • Hi. I hope you can help me. I just installed the Opera Mail windows 7 and I find that does not let me create folders to store my emails to my specific needs. I can guide you to solve the problem? Thank you very much.-

  • Are you using POP or IMAP?

  • I´m using POP. That has to do? as it solve? Thank you very much.-

  • Opera doesn't have folders exactly. It has views, which show results from a search made on the database of all your messages from all accounts. For example, "All Messages/Unread" shows unread messages for all accounts. "All Messages/Received" shows all messages from all accounts. "All Messages/Outbox" shows unsent messages from all accounts. "All Messages/Trash" shows messages marked as trash" from all accounts.

    For each view, you can click on the "Settings for this view" button on the message list toolbar and goto the "show" section to adjust the criteria for each view.

    Under the POP access point in the mail panel, you have two views there: "Inbox" and "Sent". They show messages for that specific account as their names describe. You cannot create more views there.

    To create your own views, you create labels under the "Labels" access point in the mail panel. Then, you drag or copy and paste your messages to that label. Then, the messages will show in *both* that label and in regular views. If you then want to hide those messages in that label from other views, you right-click on the label, goto "properties" and set "hide these messages from other views" on the "options" tab. The "hide these messages from other views" option makes the label act like a folder. You can put labels inside another label if you want so they look visually grouped.

    In other views, like "Inbox", if you want to show messages that are in a label that has "hide these messages from other views" set, go into the show settings for that view and check "hidden" under the "show" section.

    For a view that shows messages from all accounts, if you want it to only show messages from a certain account, you can right-click in the mail panel. goto "show messages from" and select the account you want. Note though that this resets to all accounts on startup.

    For IMAP accounts, under the access point in the mail panel, there will be a view for each IMAP folder that's on the server. You can create a new view there and it'll create a new IMAP folder on the server. With these views, you can drag and drop or ctrl + drag and drop to move / copy messages to a different IMAP folder on the server.

  • Resolved. Thank you very much for the help. I just did what you told me and it worked. Thank you very much.-