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Opera 12.16 memory usage seems to have suddenly increased

  • I've been using Opera for a couple of years as a secondary browser primarily for "web apps" that I want to have open and ready all the time. I have about 4 tabs that I keep pinned all the time, and usually 1 or 2 others that I use for browsing. Over the last couple of weeks memory usage in this scenario has increased quite a bit, to the point where Win 7 is reporting 1GB+ from Opera with just my 4 pinned tabs + speed dial open. After a few hours Opera will likely stop responding and I will need to restart. None of the pinned websites should be using much in the way of plugins, AFAIK they are just pretty basic HTML sites that should just be sitting in the background.

    I can't pinpoint anything that would have changed on my end recently that would account for this. No new updates for Opera, no new extensions, pinned websites are the same as they have been for months...not sure what steps to try and take to troubleshoot, but would appreciate any suggestions.

    This is using 32bit Opera 12.16 on Win 7.

  • You could try clearing the cache and maybe reloading the pinned tabs.

  • Thanks. Just cleared the cache and deleted all the pinned tabs and my saved session and restarted Opera and recreated the pinned tabs and saved session, and then again restarted. So far it doesn't seem like this is having a great impact, as I've only had Opera open a couple of minutes and memory usage has climbed already to 485MB and seems to be growing rapidly.

  • usually plugins AKA extensions increase RAM usage, dunno for 12 as I don't use it
    but if it acts anything like firefox or chrome based crap, each extension/plugin you have installed
    will eat equal amount of RAM as one (1) single instance of opera.exe

  • If Opera itself hasn't changed (via updating or file corruption from a crash), then the odds are that the websites/apps have changed in some way. Opera, starting somewhere in the 12.xx series, began causing some (but certainly not all) users problems with memory-usage growing spontaneously and eventually even destabilizing some (but again, not all) those users' machines. Sometimes this was related to the numbers of tabs open and their content; in other cases, not. However, in most cases, those negative experiences began right off from a user's point of installation. This doesn't seem to be the case for you, if you experienced an extended period when everything worked fine. On the other hand, with so many potential website/apps variables (Flash usage, JavaScripting, browser-sniffing, Java implementation, page graphics, animations, etc, etc), there are just so many things that can trigger a run-up in a given browser's memory usage that it's hard to analyze from a distance.

    You might try again clearing cache and such, then restart Opera with just one of the former tabs and observe the memory behavior. If no increasing occurs, add another and re-check. At some point, you may discover the memory suddenly starting to climb. In that case, either the just-loaded tab itself or its interaction with the others is instrumental in causing the problem. That at least would point you toward a possible solution path (contact the site, locate an alternate app, etc).

  • So I cleared my cache, but Opera continues to misbehave and has become essentially unusable, it now will become slow just a few minutes after launching, and become unresponsive a few minutes after that.

    I have unpinned a couple of sites so I only have two left + speed dial and still no change. Going to try and test the remaining sites, but I'm not sure what I'll do with the information I get, since both the remaining sites are sites I absolutely need for work, and both developers have said they do not support Opera.

  • Can the URLs for the problematic sites be listed here so others can see if they duplicate the problem on their Opera installations?

  • Originally posted by blackbird71:

    Can the URLs for the problematic sites be listed here so others can see if they duplicate the problem on their Opera installations?

    I'd love to, but these are both subscription sites for work that you would need a login to access. Zoho CRM is one that someone out there might have an account with. The site itself uses a bunch of AJAX once you are logged in, but I seem to have problems with locking up even if I'm just on the login screen.

  • Originally posted by mlaps:

    Zoho CRM is one that someone out there might have an account with. ... I seem to have problems with locking up even if I'm just on the login screen.

    FWIW, I just visited and played around with fake login credentials, using Opera 12.14 with JavaScript enabled. I was blocked out, of course, but memory consumption and CPU % remained stable; no lock-ups occurred while on the log-in page. Perhaps some file(s) involving your Opera installation has been corrupted...? With Opera off, you could try renaming the operaprefs.ini file in your user-account's \appdata\roaming\opera folder to something else and restarting Opera - that will auto-create a new operaprefs file containing default user settings, but it just might resolve the locking problem if there's corruption in that main settings/configuration file. If the problem remains, you can always rename back the original file to recover any settings that get lost. You might also try simply renaming the vlink.dat file in that folder as well, to see if that fixes the problem.

  • Thanks! Will give that a try.