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Too Much Clean Up Work with Coast

  • One of the selling points of Coast (at least in terms of how it was advertised and promoted) is that it's more akin to the current Ipad Operating system. Currently 7.1. When you open an App in the Ipad in 7.1, it stays open unless you double press the Ipad home key, and then drag the App with your finger to the top of the screen to get rid of it/close it. If you have 10 apps open before you do that, you have to do a lot of . . . housecleaning, tablet cleaning, whatever . . . (dragging the apps to the top of the screen).

    Now with Coast, when you open a new website, it stays open, unless you close it out in a similar way. For instance, let's say you have browsed on ten new web sites. You have to, in the end, click on the three small rectangles in the lower right of your screen (similar to the double click on the home button), and then close out all of the websites, as you would close out Ipad apps, by dragging the website to the top of the screen. In this hypothetical, that would be ten drags of necessary housekeeping. Also, for sites you have in your speed dial, if you have clicked a link into the site, ultimately you will have to drag up, to close the site out.

    Then you get back out of Coast, to the Ipad, and you're doing the same kind of work in duplicate. Because I have to do all of this housekeeping with the Ipad (it's part of the Operating system), I don't want to double the housekeeping work because of Coast. In other browsers, I can simply click a tab to close it (the clicking action is quicker than the dragging action), or sometimes, if the browser permits, and I have the setting to return to the home page, I don't have to close the tabs at all -- can simply close the browser and I'm back to the Home page (when I reopen it). Much less cleaning work.

    I do think the browser is aesthetically pleasing, and closer to the Ipad operating system than any other browser. I think, though, there's too much housekeeping type work, in terms of needing to close out the websites.

  • You're getting modern computing wrong.

    You're doing "housecleaning" because you invented you want/need to do it. Leave the pages opened alone and when the OS needs RAM it'll take Coast out of the way, the same can be said about the apps you leave in the background. There's no need to close them.

    You're worrying so much about clearing the history or something like that. You can simply tap that "grid of squares" button at the bottom to go to the Coast home screen then press the iPad's physical home button to leave Coast. When you come back to it you'll be where you left it (at the Coast home screen). Forget about the other opened recent sites / tabs, since as you visit new ones you'll hit the limit (currently 7) and they'll be progressively and continuously replaced anyway.

  • So you're saying BOTH for Coast AND for the IPAD, close nothing. 🙂 The limit for both is 7 and it's no big deal? I was worried for both the IPAD and the browser that when you leave the stuff open, the performance will decrease. Is the IPAD limit also 7 applications? I mean if tons of applications are open, it might eat up battery life, slow performance . . . Or at least i have been thinking that.

  • Yes I'm saying you don't need to close or clean anything, the same can be said about Android, Windows RT, Windows Phone, etc, the apps will only take resources in the background if they're badly misbehaving. I don't know the iOS recent apps switcher display limit but under the hood the OS is definitely prepared to handle the apps and the resources in the background. After searching the web about apps in the background in iOS you can see that the OS suspends the apps in the background so they don't take resources:

    "It's typically unnecessary to force an app to close unless the app is unresponsive. You can view all recently used apps by double-clicking the Home button. These apps aren't open; they are in a suspended state."
    ( and

    As the FAQ suggests, Coast will handle the background tabs in the same way, dropping them individually from RAM when necessary and if it works similarly to other Opera mobile browsers it won't reload all of them when you come back to it (requiring that you manually switch to them to re-activate/reload the pages).

  • Thanks Rafaelluik. I'll have to give Coast another look.

  • Today, I clicked the three squares in the lower right and i had 18 items open, another time, I had 13. So 18 tabs, 13 tabs . . .. It could go on forever if I didn't close some out. So, I thought 7 was supposed to be the max. Maybe Coast is supposed to be that way -- limited to 7 -- but still has bugs? Also, if I'm in a homepage/square and click on a link to read, then exit, the next time I go back to the square, it doesn't open at the homepage, but at the link I clicked on. So I have to do cleanup work if I want the square to open at the original home point. I have to swipe left to right, to go back to where I was. The speed dial home pages ought to stay in their original configuration if I go back to open them. Or at least, i would prefer it that way.

  • Some sort of menu like Privacy and Security in Opera desktop would improve Coast. That and an ad block plugin would make the Coast experience even better.

  • Those are good points, but I guess, should be in a separate thread. This one is focusing on whether the clean-up work needed makes Coast a problem. I mean, there are only supposed to be seven tabs open, but I counted 18 at one point today. And I want each of the items-squares to keep the same opening page. I don't want to have to reset them. It's too much work-fiddling. I like the Mercury browser because of the ad-blocker. The aesthetics with the background wallpaper you can set with Coast is nice.

  • @rafaelluik

    Thanks to your ideas, as well as a comment by alexremen elsewhere in this forum, I now see where I can set the Ipad to clear its open and closed tabs when it's closed, so that upon relaunching, they're all gone. i think this cleanup issue is no longer a problem, and this thread could be closed.

  • Hmmmm. One nit, I just noticed. I would like Coast to always clear browsing data when you exit, and the relaunch. But in Settings, you can mark clear, but it only seems to work once. The switch then seems to return to a default (no clear) position. At least when I returned it was back to "no clear." So it would appear you have to go back every time you want to clear. And going to settings to do this is harder (you may have to move through a number of Ipad screens just to get to settings) than if there were just a button on Coast that let you clear before you exit. So I still think a "clear" button on the Ipad would be useful. It could be in a button, that gives you a context menu with a number of items, one of which is to clear Coast of tabs, open and closed.(If you could have set the Settings:App feature to always empty cache when you exit, then the feature I'm suggesting would be unnecessary).