Opera mini 4.5 doesn't work more ?

  • Hello! I used opera mini 4.5 for a long time. But today it just stop worked and then i tried to run it again, I get start screen with "Installing" message and then opera mini shuts down.
    So company has terminated support of older versions of opera mimi? How to save my bookmarks and rss-chanells from my mobile phone?

  • I have found that opea mini bookmarks stored in folder C\Private\102033E6\MIDlets[1014fb9f]\rms in files with extensions ".rs". I saved them, deleted opera mini 4.5 and installed it again. It works without my bookmarks of course. But then i put my old .rs files in new opera mini folder - opera mini gets same reaction as in first post above: message @installing@ and shut down.

    seems files are corrupted?

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