[Solved]pop-up: Not support protocol intent://...

  • I use last version of Opera Mini for iOS from AppStore (

    At yesterday I cannot open any link from Express-panel with use Opera Mini traffic mode (only in Opera Mini compression mode. for Opera Turbo traffic mode everything work properly for example)

    When I click on any link in Express-panel I getting pop-up message "Could not connect to server. Error receiving from server" and immediately after next pop-up message: "Not support. Protocol used in intent://[myURL]#intent;scheme=http;package=com.opera.mini.native;end, not support"

    Opera team, fix this bug, please!!!

  • Exact same error received

  • Thanks for your reports! We have found the root cause of this issue and are working on fixing it. I'll let you know once we fix the issue 🙂

  • solved

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