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Older Opera: userCSS to display Facebook search box in proper position

  • (This may have been posted before, but I can't search on these forums with the word "search" in the query.)

    For quite some time now, when using an older version of Opera, the search box at the top of Facebook pages is showing up below the blue header, overlapping page content, instead of inside the blue header. The information I could find on the web tells to clear your cache and cookies, but that didn't solve it for me.

    What did work, is a userCSS for with the following code:

    div#pagelet_bluebar div._2t-e>div+div{width:455px !important}

    You may have to change the width value according to your needs.

    Obviously, this might stop working if Facebook decides to change their code.

    Hope this helps anyone. 🙂

  • (This may have been posted before, but I can't search on these forums with the word "search" in the query.)

    Use this for now.

    Which older version?

  • Presto, I'd say. I tried some of the Webkit-based versions when they came out but quickly uninstalled them so I can't verify the fix is necessary for those as well, but I assume not.

    Either way, people running into this problem will know.

  • Presto, I'd say.

    Which one?
    If an up-to-date 12 (12.18 etc., sec/compat patches), you just say so. If 11 or lower, we've already had a thread for those in the Lounge for some time, called "Opera 10-11 problems" (for even lower, it might be a special case each time such people come here).
    The point being older versions (Presto) are severely outdated and neither maintained nor supported in any way. So well, yes, we use them, but at our own discretion, and can't ask for any official response there. Only old tweaks and tricks relying on other users.

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