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  • US spelling is meter, British - and French - is metre, but it is the same thing. You have a tall enough area for a 4 meter tree plus however tall the tub you plant it in is? Most places here the ceilings are not that tall ...

    Stop it.
    Joshing is my job!
    Ranting about "when I'm 64" let's leave for McCartney.
    There's no point in living while we're dying, huh?
    The Earth will in the end cool down and stop supporting magnetosphere and eventually the atmosphere.
    The Sun will eventually blow up and burn everything up to Mars.
    The Galaxy will - in 5bln yrs - collide with another one.
    The Universe will cool out and stop supporting matter as we know it.

  • They're easy to grow as house plants. They need more light than most house plants to grow well; as much sun as possible. They will bloom indoors eventually, but many citrus need 10+ years to be mature enough to bloom, even in ideal conditions (outside.)

    Don't let them dry out completely.

    Citrus seeds often have more than one embryo. One will be a result of sexual reproduction and the others will be clones of the parent. Usually when there is just one plant from the seed it is the result of sexual reproduction, and it is very unlikely to yield fruit as good as the parent.

  • Thank you, Helico-something*:D*

  • @blackbird71

    Watered in a week. Looks good 🆙

    Two or three looked drool and withering. However, one's getting a fresh sprout from under the surface. I'm pretty sure there were no other seed within what I potted there. Kinda one inch south from the 'drool' stem though. 😕
    Another one opened a couple of leaves*:)*

  • Could be a new stem being put out by the root if there was damage to the original one. Some plants have a strong will to live, and if there's enough energy built up in the roots, they can surprise a person with what they can do to survive.

  • This new shoot looks alive but kind of seems a bit different. Same colour, but it's slimmer, not too stiff, and all green. Kind of leaf?

    I didn't use any old soil, or from garden. Don't remember dropping any other seeds either.
    Well, it doesn't seem to be growing nor withering, let's see...

    If it's a new stem, should I check the old one? It doesn't look too alive here...

  • I'd wait until the new shoot leafs out and see what the leaf looks like - and it will eventually have to either leaf out or die. Even bagged potting soil can sometimes have seeds in it, so anything's possible. I wouldn't mess too much with the old stem unless/until you become convinced the new shoot isn't from the original kind of plant.

  • If you want fruit, most commercial trees are grafted. The tree above the graft often has many issues including poor rootstock. You can buy trees for indoor growth where the graft is engineered to produce a smaller tree. Cumquats make excellent citrus tub trees, fruit plentifully and produce easy to make fantastic marmalade.

  • If you want fruit...

    If I want fruit, I go shopping, all right?

  • Most shoots seem to have withered completely. I'll still be watering the pots till the spring, in case some have retained inner strength or something.
    There is one which didn't seem likely at the time - having no leaves, or having them seemingly withered - this one solely retains sane stem.

  • Go light on the watering if the leaves have dropped or aren't present. Without leaves, plants can't move water away from the root system nearly as effectively; the leaves 'breathe' the plant moisture out into the air and pull it up and away from the roots so they don't rot. Root rot is an enemy you have to avoid whenever leaves aren't present. If the actual stems themselves have withered, it may already be a sign of root disorder or death. Another point is that if leaves never effectively developed, it's a likely sign of insufficient light.

  • There is one which didn't seem likely at the time - having no leaves, or having them seemingly withered - this one solely retains sane stem.

    Exactly now it started withering out too.

  • That doesn't sound too good -