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Help us test a new pilot browser for iOS

  • The iOS browser team is really excited about showing you what we have been working on the last few months. Today we are releasing a beta of a new browser for iOS.

    The new browser concept we are releasing includes ideas and features from other Opera browsers:

    • User-friendly and visual search
    • Nice home screen with both favorites and recent sites, so you can quickly resume sessions
    • Private mode directly from the home screen
    • Improved tabs overview
    • Improved security
    • Visual bookmarks that can also be used as a reading list
    • Data savings mode using Opera Turbo
    • It’s really fast!

    If you want to try out the new beta, head over to our sign-up page quickly, because there is a limit on how many users we can have. After signing up, wait for an email from TestFlight and follow the instructions. You need to have an iPad or iPhone running iOS 9.

    Be aware that it will upgrade over your phone’s Opera Mini installation.

    We are really looking forward to your feedback!

  • Why no sync to other devices available through this version?

  • I just started this trial yesterday. A few quick things that seem to taking Opera backwards:

    1. I only see Turbo mode, not Mini mode - is Mini going away for ios? I'll miss it...
    2. Night mode seems gone
    3. Can't tell how to open links in a new tab
    4. Going "back" sometimes dumps me all the way back to the home screen (see 3 above)
    5. When switching away from mini and back, pages often reload rather than resuming where I was
    6. Seeing a lot more ads, even with adblocking enabled


  • There are times when a page load stalls, but without pattern.

    Also, the gray progress bar at the bottom sometimes doesn't go away after the page loads. If I go to the open windows and back to the particular window, it goes away.

  • Seems to have borrowed a fair bit from Coast. Looks promising so far - even though it's clearly not fully featured yet. I'd like to see favourites behave more like speed dial where you can drag one site onto another to create a folder. It also needs more privacy options like an option to block 3rd party cookies. The bookmarks looks awful and I assume still work in progress? I also assume sync is a feature that will come at some later date. Need to use it for a bit longer to form more opinions.

  • I'm getting really frustrated. Sites that should load quickly don't. I have to close out pages and reopen. I'm really wanting to delete the beta and go back to mini...


  • Latest test version - still having not infrequent delays, and going back is haphazard.

    Weirdly, I can force close out of opera completely, relaunch, open a page, click a link, and when try I go back, I get a page from before I forced the close. Not every time, but not rare, either.

    Definitely not ready for prime-time.

    It's been 10 days on this beta - I'm back to mini until the next one.


  • I sent a request to join the beta about two weeks ago and haven't gotten a response 😞

  • Trying the latest beta... Still having trouble with going "back" a page reliably whether swiping left or using the back arrow. I sometimes takes me back to a different edition of the page, sometimes back a couple pages, sometimes to the favorites. The "open new tabs in background" is inconsistent as well, so I have to go find my place again.

    When I move to a different app and back, I'm usually brought to the favorites page rather than the page I was on, and when I go back to the page I was on it almost always reloads. Very annoying when I'm halfway through an article.

    I'm not interested in the news feed; fortunately I could turn it off.


  • Hi,

    First of all - great work. New version is really good - even at beta stage good enough for my everyday use. However, I have observed a few bugs and annoyances:

    1. Crashes. Not so many but still happen in at random - in my case it is usually after clicking new link, downloading pdf, etc. (generally when loading or navigating)
    2. Back button still does not work reliably. This plagued Opera Coast and (although mostly fixed) still happens in Opera for iOS. One of the annoying scenarios is:
    • add facebook to favourites
    • open facebook
    • click link on facebook (for example redirection to wired)
    • navigate somewhere else
      Now it often (but not always!) happens that from this moment facebook link in favourites will point to wired page instead of facebook and clicking "back" will move me to favourites page instead of facebook. The only way to get it working again is to manually type address again.
    1. Some automatic redirects do not work (especially on facebook). Instead "if you are not redirected automatically, please click this link" message shows. Also - I am using Polish as native language and these messages have wrong encoding (missing national characters)

    2. 3d touch support would be nice!

    3. Icons of recently visited and favourites look different. For example in recently visited shows proper icon, while favourites above shows small icon and text.

    Tested on iphone 6s, iOS 10.1

  • I'm having a very specific bug with the latest beta on iphone 4s running ios 9.3.5 on vzw.

    I manage a moderately busy vBulletin site, primarily college sports - we get a few hundred to few thousand posts and 5k-20k hits a day, depending on the season. We have both a desktop skin and a mobile skin - the desktop skin is feature rich while the mobile skin is lean, limited to the features most used by regular members and a few key admin functions. I tweaked the mobile skin with mini in mind, it's worked great for years!

    If not explicitly chosen, a browser reporting as mobile will get the mobile skin and everyone else gets the desktop. If you manually switch the skin, that choice persists (via cookies) on that device until you manually switch it again.

    I occasionally need to go to the desktop skin to do some admin work from my phone, which I did yesterday. Since then, I've not been able to get Opera to persist in the mobile skin. I can change it manually, but as I navigate the site, it flips back to the desktop skin.

    I've closed the window, force quit Opera, and even restarted my phone. The bug remains. I can't find a way to clear cookies in the beta. It presents normally on my ios safari.

    Other than this, navigating my board with the mobile skin works very well with the beta - pretty much never having the "back" issue I get on other sites. My board is a large part of what I use Opera for - I've not had this particular problem with Mini, ever.

    The site is and the skin chooser is a dropdown at the bottom of the page in either view - "blue" for the full experience and "mobile" for the mobile one.

    If this doesn't resolve shortly, I'll be going back to Mini until the next beta...


  • Through feedback in the app, Opera suggested I delete the "favorite" icon and re-add it. For whatever reason, that fixed it.


  • Two new betas in the last few days. They've added "open in new tab", which helps with the still oft broken "back" command.

    Still lots of crashes, though.


  • Too many crashes (and still suspicious it's from not blocked ads). And no night mode... Back to Mini until the next beta drop.


  • Updated to an iphone 6s over the holidays, tried the new beta. Similar problems as before. Back to Mini.