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Very long extension moderation process

  • More than a month, and my extensions are still awaiting verification. It's a joke?

  • Same here, almost 6 weeks for a new extension.

  • Hello, While the extension is under moderation I have submitted 3 more versions. Note that mine ( is an updated extension case, not a new one. However I noticed that I got emails from Opera saying my submission is rejected without any reason. For reason I was asked to check the submission wall. When I checked there, it is still saying "Awaiting Moderation" and I could not see any rejection. Am I missing anything?


  • Worse is that they snoop ur posted ext and add block code to next release 😕

    I made a simple Google Search redirect ext and obviously they didn't like it - and after updating to latest Opera the ext didn't work anymore 😕

  • I’ve been waiting about a month as well. At this rate, my next version will be ready for release before this one gets approved 😢

  • Good news - My two extensions got published 32 hours after submitting updates. It may have helped that I submitted a Comment containing a short (~50 words) change summary with each one.

  • You think you got it bad...I've been waiting 9 months for my extension :S

    ID: hlehbmfgofjjmcoofgleppbdlelnklna

  • No, @iann0036, as I said at the beginning of my post, I think 32 hours is good. I think I got it good.

  • I have same problem. I already published in Chrome and FireFox. Everything is ok. But in Opera add-on I'm waiting moderation from November 2. Is it possible to speed up the process?

  • I am also facing this issue, I had submitted my add-on on Oct 30 and it's still awaiting moderation(Today is Nov 21). Can anyone please tell me when can I expect the approval of my add-on?

  • I'm waiting since 3 months now, submitted it at 11.09.17
    How long does this take? At Mozilla my Addon was approved and published within 24 hours.

  • The process s truly unbearable!

    Perhaps Opera could adopt FF/MZ webext base?

  • Hi, about 3 three weeks waiting for the check my add-on ID: mecgepimehgjdcpfgolgbklmaafhkeoc

  • Oh, that's nothing. My last approval was on June 2017.

    Fast forward till February 2018, still no answer for any of the last 5 submissions.

    I don't know how Opera selects the reviewers, but it's doing a very bad job at managing this situation. My only explanation is that even reviewers are not motivated at all to continue doing this.

  • If I didn't know better, one would think this was M$ the topic was about.

  • same issue here 😞
    i've been waiting since Jan 20 2018.

  • We have same issue with our addon WebRTC Leak Shield, which is a very basic extension. We have been waiting for over 1,5 month now. We got same extension enabled by Chrome Webstore AND Mozilla AMO in few minutes.
    The thing is that this is not even our main extension. We have another VPN extension which has over 1,5 millions users on Chrome and Firefox, we would like to publish also for Opera. But seeing that such a basic extension needs a review time of over 1 month is insane. Our main extension depends on this extension and has more code. We are afraid that this will take over a year to get enabled. Can you guys please at least give a short feedback about the review time to be expected.

  • A method to get addons improved faster is to not include funky and shady code in them!

    Other than that yes the proval rate needs to fasten up.

    All best addons are created for FF - and things such is this slow down doesn't do much to support folks at FF Addons to make them OPR compatible.

  • Same problem here. It's very disappointing to say the least, i am waiting about 2 months with absolutely no feedback whatsoever, Ridiculous. The same extension that i'm submitting is already on chrome and firefox stores. Frustrating.

  • Uploaded an animated background on October 2017, and still not a single sign of life 😞

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