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Very long extension moderation process

  • So far it's over a month for me. The Mozilla team also goes through the code and these days it takes a day worst-case. Chrome is 45 minutes. Safari was slow too, but they've stepped it up with App Store integration. The reason I'm submitting is via a user's request for Opera support, and Opera really isn't doing itself many favors here, IMO.

  • i have the same problem again

  • The same situation with me

  • To say the truth - I was wrong. Mozilla's moderation process is longer.
    For now I'm waiting more than a month for Mozilla's review.

  • I am having the same moderation delays on both Opera and Mozilla. I am wondering if anyone here from Opera Tech support can shed some light on the delays?

  • Me too.
    Opera : 4 weeks ...
    Firefox : 6 weeks...
    Chrome: 30 minutes.

  • Opera: 6 weeks so far.

  • Opera: 3 months of moderation

  • I am having the same issue.
    Firefox: 3wks
    Opera: 2wks
    And it is not done yet

    Chrome: 30min

    Maybe that is one of the reasons Chrome has 80% of marketing share.
    If the excuse to have such a long review process is increase security I cannot see Opera and Firefox more secure than Chrome !

  • Just to share my experience, I am waiting for a review for the last 4 weeks and no feedback so far :down:

  • Employees quantity?¿

  • Submitted my Extension on April 17, 2017. Still awaiting moderation 😞

  • In Firefox the moderation process is also pretty slow but at least they display a review queue position, so you get an idea how long it will probably still take.

    Is there any way to contact the guys who are responsible for the review directly?

  • Hi, I submitted the new extension , Translation Comparison, on Apr 19, 2017, and after seven weeks and still awaiting moderation. No one replies my message. Please help.


  • I submitted updates to my two extensions on Saturday 2017-06-17. They were approved and published two days later, on Monday 2017-06-19. "It works for me."

  • In order to avoid a duplicate discussion I'll try my luck here.

    My extension was accepted on Chrome and Firefox stores almost instantly.
    While waiting for the Opera review, several fixes on the extension occurred. So I submitted each version in Opera as well.

    Jun 10, 2017 - Version 1.0.0 Submitted

    Jun 20, 2017 - I have 6 submissions.
    On that date I have received 6 automated replays from Opera:

    "Hi! xxxxxxx posted on your wall:

    Status has changed for EXTENSION_XXX

    You can view your wall here:

    This e-mail was automatically generated.
    To respond to wall posts please visit the above URL."

    Several things here:

    1. This auto generated email didn't gave me the slightest hint of what is wrong with my extension
    2. The email suggested that I can see more information on my developer wall. NOTHING was changed on my wall: no rejections, no messages, no nothing! Everything is in "Awaiting moderation" state.
    3. If the extension was first reviewed and rejected by an automated script or something and it found problems why I didn't receive any automated errors?

    July 04, 2017 (today) - The extension version is 1.0.10 and preparing for major 1.1.0 update on Chrome and Firefox stores while Opera don't want to give me any help on how to proceed.

    What the duck Opera? 💣

  • Submitted my Extension on May 9, 2017. It's been 2 months.
    Still awaiting moderation. On messages no one answers. X(

  • Submitted my Extension on May 30, 2017. I sent new versions regularly, but nothing done with moderation. Still waiting it. There is no message to know if started or just nothing append !
    How could we answer to our users with no information ?
    Is there a day you will check and approve it ?

  • Submitted my Extension on Jun 15, 2017. Still Awaiting moderation. And there is no reply from Opera moderators. Any Idea how long it would take for feedback/approval.

  • Yeah! I have 3 extensions and 3+ month of review. In Mozilla it takes only 1 week.