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  • Hello forums users, just about 30-40 minutes ago I went to open my Opera browser and I was met with a popup saying a new version of Opera is available. In no rush I decided to undergo this update and clicked the button it brought up saying "Relaunch" and then several seconds later it opened back up and I was stuck on a blank white screen. It was not frozen I could type in URL's and use anything on the screen, it just would stay at the blank white screen. After about 5 minutes of waiting for anything or a message about this update I had set to do I closed Opera and went to re-open it. However now I encountered a new message on my screen reading: "You can't open the application "Opera" because it may be damaged or incomplete." This pops up whenever I click to open it. I tried restarting my Macbook and nothing has seemed to work. Now I am writing here using a different browser seeking help as I am not looking to re-download Opera and possibly lose all my bookmarks, auto-logins, auto-fills, etc.

  • Mine won't open after the update, either. Opera logo in launcher just bounces three times then automatically quits.