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  • Were in this version of Opera - 20.0.1387.82, can we put a home botton on the top of the browser, i looked everywere, with no sucess, there is no apperance option in this version on Opera to add a home buton, can someone please help me with this.

    Thank you

    [Moderator note: closed as duplicate of access it for more info/updates.]

  • Bookmark your home page.

  • Thats not what i mean, iam refering having a home buton like any other browser

  • Opera 20 doesn't have a home button, per se... you'll need to do as @pesala suggested and set your preferred 'home' page as a bookmark.

  • Hi Dlrscafs, for that purpose, you can install the "Homepage in New Tab" extension.

  • Uhm, what do you guys mean by Opera doesn't have a home button? Isn't that what the "Start page" button is? At-least it's doing as the Home button did for me in soon-to-be-uninstalled-privacy-invader Google Chrome; take me to my new-tab page from which I see my most-visited websites.

  • For many years, a traditional "home" button has taken you immediately to a pre-set web page of your own choosing, either out on the Internet or a local file on your computer. Mine (on Old Opera and Firefox) is always set to a local HTML file containing links to various web sites; other folks set theirs to a favorite Internet site that they always want to start with or jump back to when browsing at the touch of a single button.

  • The beauty of the home button is that you can quickly access your "home" page when you are already logged on to the internet at some "other" website. It's one thing to go into your settings and have it "Open a specific page or set of pages" BUT when you are already logged into the internet and wish to return to your "home page" rather than closing and re-opening your browser, you simply click on the home button. Not have a home button, the next best thing is either the extension mentioned by 133t4opera OR bookmarking your home page on your QAB.