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Just bring back an option for tab stacking!

  • Thats all I want please I can live without sync and my old bookmarks for now but I love the tab stacking feature.
    Make it an option to turn on and off so those who don't like it for some reason can turn it off.

  • I vote for this feature too. I can't understand how this is taking so long be re-implemented. I also would like the opera link feature. Please, please!.

  • i am missing that function too

  • To be honest - personally I used that option not so often, it would work better if tab groups expanded automatically after placing cursor above them 🙂

  • To be honest - personally I used that option not so often, it would work better if tab groups expanded automatically after placing cursor above them 🙂

    I like that idea. Good suggestion.

  • To be honest - personally I used that option not so often, it would work better if tab groups expanded automatically after placing cursor above them 🙂

    I don't know, don't you think it'd be terrible to have the tabs constantly moving, appearing and disappearing while you hover the tab bar using the mouse? Plus, they did expanded automatically when you hover a tab stack (via the tab thumbnails tooltip).

  • The new Opera 20 lack of great features (Save Session Features, Tab Stacking, Bookmarks) is mind boggling.

    I wonder if there was any customer input before taking all those features out and "dumbing on" the new browser.

    For me Opera 12 would probably be the last version of Opera I'll use before switching to a smarter browser if they don't listen to their customers.

  • There are "sessions" - you can save all opened tabs in speed dial folder... I know, I know... it's not the same, but not so bad.

  • I hate Opera Soft. for letting Presto engine and Opera v.12.xx dying in silence! There were so many unique features in Opera, making so many people happy. Opera has just turned to an impersonal Chromium fork 😞

    PLEASE, get back all the lovely features like tab stacking, bookmark manager, status bar, toolbars customizing..., PLEASE!

  • Yes!! Too many old features missing .. and shortcuts changed! Please bring back all the features. Thanks

  • YESSSS!!!

    I always loved Internet Explorer coloured and auto stacking/grouping
    Opera12 used to have it with a plugin call autostack

    i do not understand why the function is missing, it is the KEY of why Opera was successful at the first place!!!!


  • I'm all for this. I stacking tabs, especially when researching stuff. I also loved the fact I could open a private tab instead of having to open a completely new window for it, hogging up more RAM.

  • +1

    Last try to enhance tab management was not very successful (tab preview, now disabled by default...).

    Even if I personally think that this new tab preview was one of the good ideas of the "new" Opera, I definitely miss something way more powerful when we have a lot of open tabs. Tab stacking was really nice.

  • I stopped using opera for a few versions. I have always preached to my friends how opera is been always ahead of the competitors with innovations. I just installed the latest version precisely because I got tired of the shitty tab management they have. but it seems this program has been dumbed down now to match them 😞

    I could not find the "sessions" manager. I used to have a different session for development, music, work, research etc. I cannot find it in this new version.

  • Simply +1...

  • Adding to the chorus! I've been a loyal Opera user for over 12 years and this is an essential feature for me. I always have many tabs open for various tasks that I need to revisit later on, and want to keep grouped together and out of the way while I do other things.

    I would (very reulctantly) switch to another browser if this functionality was available elsewhere, but I can't find any Chrome or Firefox extensions that do manual tab stacking the way Opera did. There are many somewhat similar tab productivity extensions, yes, but none with manual tab staking that I can find.

  • Oh, I've posted in newer thread lol. Vote me in 🙂

  • I want tab stacking also. Much easier to group different kind of tasks!

  • I just uninstalled opera 12 to install this. And the first thing I noticed was no more tab stacking.

    Is this a joke? Tab stacking was the single feature that kept me using opera for all these years.

  • After more than a year of using Blink-based Opera there are two features that I still miss sorely:

    1. privat tabs (instead of private windows) - just so convenient - and if they would just invert colors (white on black instead of black on white) nobody would get confused with them...
    2. tab stacking - I usually have multiple tabs belonging to one task and there's no way as convenient as having them sit right there in groups - I used them in conjunction with AutoStack and an extension that auto-opened Stacks (and closed all of the others) when you activated a tab within (can't seem to find it anymore)

    +1 to having that back :love: