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Opera VPN(iOS) using cellular data while on WiFi

  • Don't know if this is the right place for this, but here goes...
    I have been using Opera VPN on my iPad and while on WiFi was testing my speed (using and it showed amazing numbers. It showed about 17mbs (I know that is not great for most of you) and I was expecting something in the 5mbs range. With further investigation I discovered that it was using my cell service and not the wifi. Is this supposed to happen? Is there anyway to fix it?


  • I have the same question too! I cant use wifi and opera vpn (iphone).

    I cannot connect to use vpn when connected to the wifi network (no servers responding) and getting a message:

    "Opera vpn coudnt connect
    Well, this is embarrasing. Please try connecting again or selecting another region."

    I can only activate vpn when connecting via the mobile network. Then the vpn works.

    BUT if i then switch to back the wifi network, all network traffic goes via vpn and the mobile network. None goes via wifi.

    ios 932, latest opera vpn app downloaded.

    Edit. If there is a bug, you really should fix it. People who has data plans will get mad if their data is consumed when connected wifi networks.

  • I just ran into this. I have a 2GB limit on my data and my usage was running high this month. Didn't understand why but I had been travelling so I thought maybe I had used that much data. Today I was notified I hit the limit for the month while I was connected via wifi (or so I thought) and still have a week to go before it resets. Installed Opera a couple weeks ago. I just disabled Opera from being able to use cellular data and will try it again when I get some more data credited to my plan. If that doesn't work, I will be uninstalling the app. GRRR. Fix this issue !