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Master password or automatically deleting all local data

  • Eng.:
    Hey, I recently switched from Firefox to Opera due to performance problems and so far i like it. But I miss the option to set a "master" password like Firefox had. Is there any way to set a master password for the settings, saved passwords and bookmarks? I know, the saved passwords cannot be seen without the OS password, but they can be used without that.Same for AutoFill. If there is no direct way, is there a workaround like an add-on? I thought about the synchronising feature, but the local data is still there and so far i found no setting to automatically delete all local files(passwords, cache, AutoFill) when closing the browser? In the settings i just found this option for the cookies.

    I am sorry for any bad English, its not my native language.
    I appreciate any answers.

    Moin, ich vermisse bei Opera die Möglichkeit meine gespeicherten Passwörter und Einstellungen mit einem Masterpasswort zu versehen, dass nach dem Start des Browsers eingegeben werden muss, um Zugriff auf die Passwörter zu erhalten. Leider habe ich bisher keine Möglichkeit gefunden, dies umzusetzen, gibt es eine Möglichkeit ein Masterpasswort einzustellen?
    Wenn nein, lassen sich alle lokalen Daten nach dem schließen des Browsers automatisch löschen? Bisher habe ich nur für Cookies diese Option gefunden, ich möchte aber auch die AutoFill-Einträge löschen.

    Danke im voraus.

  • Is there any way to set a master password for the settings, saved passwords and bookmarks?


    is there a workaround like an add-on?

    Could be. I don't know of one myself. It might also be possible to install a Chrome extension that does it (if there is one, IDK), though that would not be officially supported.

  • Considering you want almost everything in your Opera profile to be private I suggest using a separate OS user account or encrypting your profile files with a third-party application.