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  • Hi Guys,
    Please Connect those anyhow... again!.

    I'd give Opera another try and see what is it going to now, im using it since Opera 7 i think. My examples:

    Coming home from work, open the browser for reading latest facebook and some rss and mail- now i have to open 2 separate tools, that dont connect to each other.
    Im writing an think over the mail ... mhh i have to post a link, but dont know the exact direction --> new tab .. google it and so on...not possible...why?

    .... But I think Opera 15(18) ... its a real good idea to "connect" with chrome, using an engine thats "working" saving time and money for your company and devs.

    So please: Put those Tabs in Same Tool, not Same-Looking-Tools, - Opera and Operal Mail together ... now - yesterday ... now šŸ˜‰ !


  • Originally posted by atze234:

    So please: Put those Tabs in Same Tool, not Same-Looking-Tools, - Opera and Operal Mail together ... now - yesterday ... now

    Its clearly not going to happen, so deal with it in whatever way you must.

    Alt Tab is really no harder than Ctrl Tab, or Clicking an icon on the Taskbar is no harder than clicking a tab in the browser.

    I found in Windows 7 that Alt + Windows Key is better than Alt Tab if you have several applications running.

  • 100% agree! I use Opera since Opera 9 (2007) and I've upgraded t Opera 12.16.1860 bit I'm not upgrading any far because, testing the latest Opera relaese on a USB basis it doesn't include Operamail inside the browser.

    The other thing that's wht we all loved Opera for is the cosymization of buttons wich i still have! I have a button Ā«sendo locationĀ» to share a link over the email just in one click! Opera should think of getting those production tools back on and running. Nowadays, dev tools in Chrome and support to web standards are better too, but because I don't like to go backwards I'm using two different browsers currently which isn't good for speed anda production.

    I'm looking foward to the momdent when I can have brand new Opera and OperaMail full functionality back in the same browser! Work harder guys... don't loose it to Chrome!!!

    Opear once was the best in everything! Get ahead! Again! Yes you can (if you want it!)!

  • You do realise that this topic is over 14 months (1 year 2 months) old ?.

    Talk about grave digging...