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  • Each time when I upload an update "Short description" and "Changelog" are empty, please fix it so it takes from previous version like it did before.

    Another thing is that I was unable to find a way to add description in different languages, there is no explanation how to do that.
    My extension is properly translated in 5 languages, but I don't know if I'm supposed to add something to manifest.json or something? Or should I upload 5 times this same extension? How should I do that?
    For now I have only that blue box with English description. Some instructions would be helpful....

  • Hi @kroppy.

    The fact you have only the "English" box is probably a bug. I will look at your extensions and try to fix it. I was under impression you were trying to add new languages that were not inside the extension file when we spoke last time.

    The short description is always read from manifest/translations. I will look into that too.

  • Hi there 🙂
    I don't have description in manifest, so that may be the case?
    Edit: I have no way to add other languages to description while uploading an update. I asked about that half a year ago or something, but mod had no clue how to resolve it...

  • Yes, you have to add a translated description to the manifest.json.

  • Hello, it's good to make updates, but the new add-ons management panel's homepage is not as useful as the old one where you could see at a glance the status of all your add-ons, number of downloads, and some other useful information.

    Do you have plans to implement the same features in the new one?

  • Hi @poziworld

    The status of an extension is quite complicated thing. Sure, it's easy when some version is published. But there might be multiple reviews going on for multiple versions for beta/developer, etc. It's possible with us to have rather complicated publication/testing process.

    We will surely add more info to a front page.

    Thanks for your input!

  • @kszularz,

    After successfully submitting a new version of an extension and then clicking on "My add-ons" in the breadcrumbs, the page still shows warnings from the submission process.


  • Hi.

    We're aware of that. It's because we don't want them to disappear on themselves. You need to click the "X" in the top right corner.

    We're going to make it work better in the future.

  • It's understandable, but, probably, doesn't make much sense to keep them after the submission, it's already sort of late.