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  • So, many people want a DARK browser. We want a dark gray or black background, and the load screen to be dark gray or black also. That Flash of white is quite painful when switching between dark websites.

    Want to make Opera stand out? make a standard Dark browser that turns white into dark gray.

    I know back in the day, the white background was though to be good when the color monitors came out. It made the transition from real paper to computer easier to many, but why the white background is still standard boggles the mind. We would never expect someone to sit and stare into a 40 watt light bulb, so why do we continue to insist on a white background???

  • Yes i definitely want this option i really dislike bright bits 😃

  • Granted, if it was up to me that is.

  • My eyes!!! Please Opera!!!

    On my screen everything is dark, custom styles for all websites I use, all dark mode, window 10 dark mode, all my code editors are dark, Developer Tools in Opera are dark, only the address bar and active tab are light.
    I picked a dark color for system so it is used by Opera 'Show system color on top bar', but it's not enough (also when Opera loses focus top bar become light back)....

    A checkbox with 'Dark Mode' is required so much! Please!

  • I'm adding my support for seeing this baked into Opera. All of the competing browsers have the ability to change the top-level toolbars to something darker.

  • Is there really no way to change the top toolbars to a different color? I like how Opera looks and feels from the other browsers, but I agree the top toolbars being white is stark and unkind to the eyes after viewing so many dark websites.

  • anyone remembering the $#!±storm over at arstechnica a few weeks ago, when the layout was changed?

    most commentards lamented the loss of the light-on-dark look.

    like many others i feel its time for opera to offer a similar option, at least for the mobile versions.

  • Only if this would be an option. I actually prefer as it is

  • I actually prefer as it is

    That ain't something you hear too often.

  • suppliedrelic, kuba5555 this is not a poll of who want wants a dark skin and who doesn't. this is a thread for those that bdo want a dark skin to post that they do.

  • If you want a dark browser use Vivaldi, love its color themes.