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  • I just updated to:

    Version: 38.0.2220.29 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Debian GNU/Linux stretch/sid (x86_64; Unknown)

    It's unusable. Watching videos is impossible, scrolling is slow, it eats all CPU power, fans are running at full speed. does anyone else see this phenomena?

    Anyway, I will downgrade to 37 now.


  • I can also verify that since Opera 38.x several websites have become extremely slugish for me. GMail, FB, Kickstarter, etc. They function as expected but they move so slow. It seems to be websites heavy in javascript. Oddly Youtube has no issues though.

  • I lost this site with Opera 37:

    The site works until I try click on play. Then it does nothing.

    I lost this site with Opera 38:

    It works just fine except the puzzles. They open, break and scatter the pieces just fine. There is no picture though. Just white pieces. If this keeps up, I won't be able to use Opera anymore.

  • With last patch hardware acceleration is broken, but i think is due to lack of optimization, leaving the horrorific default Chromium options and making things worse removing some flags in the way.

    For example, gpu memory buffers are no longer supported without forcing on my desktop system (which has an AMD Radeon HD 5450). This reduce a lot of performance with some content like Flash, but is easy to solve changing arguments (no flags available).

    The same issue i found with Android version, but here i don't know how to manage shortcuts to enable it).

  • UPDATE: Windows version has the same issue, gpu memory buffers disabled. With Opera 37 i didn't had this issue on both systems. damn, 3 versions broken.

  • I just had a hard disk die, and had to start fresh. I loaded Mageia 5. I now have Opera 38.0.2220.31.
    Since the Flash was updated for Linux because of a security update, I have the latest and greatest flash.
    It does not work with this version of Opera. I set up the flash plugin in both /lib/opera/plugin and lib64/opera/plugin/. No joy. Checking the developer tools for plugins, Adobe Flash is nowhere to be found. Streaming video sites that rely on flash cannot be viewed.

    Before the crash, the old "outdated" flash worked. I had to enable it , but it worked. The older version of Opera worked with flash.

    The problem is obviously a bad bug with 38.0.2220.31. I downloaded Chrome and it does not work either. But Firefox does work. I am currently looking at freshplayer, a wrapper that allows later versions of Flash for windows to be run under Linux, but I am not expecting much.

    Probably the best bet would to be to try an older version of Opera. We will otherwise have to wait for a bug fix. :< :< :<

  • To get pepperflash, some people have been councelling to download Google Chrome, getting pepperflash .so, and deleting Google Chrome. For those of us with RPM package Linux distros such as Mageia, try googling rpmfind, pepeerflash. It's there for your downloading pleasure.

  • I went to RPMfind, downloaded pepperflash rpm, installed and now Opera 38.X can play flash content again.
    Now Opera sees the "flash" plugin and I can enable that. allows me to see streaming media again. Again, I am running Mageia 5.x and Opera 38.X However, the wretched Chromium browser still gives me flash player missing error message. I suspect is not in the proper location.

    Its been a long afternoon.