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[Problem] Taskbar appears in the top of fullscren of Youtube

  • Hello
    I have the next problem:
    The Taskbar appear in the top of fullscreen of Youtube. Normally, the taskbar are hidden when fullscreen is active but no, the taskbar appear on the top of the fullscreen of Youtube.
    Adjunt a image of the problem:

    Why? How to solve this?
    Thanks for help me.

  • What's your version of Opera?
    And the system?

    I can see no taskbar there. 😕

  • What's your version of Opera?
    And the system?
    I can see no taskbar there.

    I use Opera 37.0 on Windows 7 Professional SP1 of 32 Bits.
    How? If the video are in fullscreen and the taskbar are above of video, at the bottom of the page.

  • Ah, the system one?
    Well, it's not above - it's over, I guess.
    Is it only on YouTube and only with Opera?

  • @santiale17 I have the same problem and it started about 2-3 days ago. Do u by coincidence just updated opera in the last days or did u switch to that Opera's own Ad Blocker? I updated opera about 2-3 days ago and this problem with fullscreen/taskbar interaction started since then, it's driving me nuts whenever i go fullscreen (youtube, twitch, etc). Anyone knows how to fix?

  • Rename this thread's title from "in the top" to "on top", otherwise it reads misleading.

  • I would like to confirm this bug. Thought it was related to a Windows Update that I performed at the same time as my Opera update (using version 38.0 now), but it seems only Opera users have this issue.

    Here's a thread on another forum of someone who also has this problem. Turns out he also uses the latest version of Opera.

  • I have a similar problem, even though i think i've found what courses the problem in my case.

    The problem i have is because i have 2 monitors with 2 separate Opera windows, and when i watch a Youtube video in full screen on my left monitor, and try to do anything else in the other browser window on the other monitor, the task bar pops up over the video.

    Which means either Opera or Windows thinks that i select another application instead of the same browser, just another window.

    I think that's because instead of doing what Firefox does, which is "extending" the browser window instead of adding a new window. Opera just adds a new window which i think Windows registers as another application. Screenshot by Lightshot

    I don't know how else to describe my problem, i use Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, and Opera version 38.0.2220.31

    I have the same problem with Chrome by the way.

  • That's actually working as intended and is not related to this problem. When you're working on something on your 2nd monitor, your YouTube video is no longer the main priority, which means that Windows will automatically pop up the taskbar. Maybe Firefox has a way to disable that, but just because Opera doesn't have that, doesn't make it a bug.

  • I know, i was just hoping someone knew a way to "fix" it, since it was kind of in the same category as this thread.

    I even know why Firefox doesn't do it, but i can't find a way to make Opera do the same, i really find it ashame since i think Opera is a better all-around browser for me.

    Anyway, sorry if if i asked in the wrong place, it was not intended.