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Opera launch short cut in Notepad++

  • Okay so recently I downloaded Notepad++. And I recently switched to Opera and I'm enjoying the browser a bit more than Chrome. But you see in Notepad++ there's a command that automatically runs the code you typed in a web browser. There's a default short cut for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari but no Opera short cut. So I added my own short cut that I made launch from Opera's Launcher.exe but when I press the custom Opera short cut I made it opens a new speed dial tab and not my .html file. This is very frustrating,

    please send help.

  • On Win10 64-bit, using the 64-bit version of Opera Developer, this works for me in Notepad++'s shortcuts.xml (in the roaming appdata folder).

    <Command name="Launch in Opera" Ctrl="yes" Alt="yes" Shift="yes" Key="87">&quot;C:\Program Files\Opera Developer\launcher.exe&quot; &quot;$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)&quot;</Command>

    Try that, adjusting the path for your launcher.exe

    If it doesn't work, try editing an html file that's in a path with no space and then try the "Launch in Opera". If it works then, Notepad++ and or Opera has an issues with spaces in the path. That shouldn't be a problem though as quotes are used above.

  • Thanks a bunch burnout426!
    So I copied your code into the shortcuts.xml file then got the install path from Operas About page (chrome://about). This told me where to find my launcher.exe, so I copied that path and made sure that launcher.exe was still in the code. I then saved the .xml file and tried out the command in Notepad and it worked! Thanks heaps

  • Awesome!

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